A program to help young people reach their full potential by developing the skills and habits to thrive in school, work and life.

In 2017, we were proud to officially launch Thrive, an online program based on the content and philosophy of the Personal Leadership Program. The Marshman Foundation, as the research and development arm of Youth Opportunities, has been developing Thrive since 2015. Thrive provides a flexible school based program which takes advantage of technology advancement in education. Thrive enables Youth Opportunities to broaden its reach to more young people through innovative and effective ways.

Using knowledge and experience from the Personal Leadership Program, Thrive uses a hybrid approach to online learning. To achieve best outcomes, Youth Opportunities trains school based educators to support social, experiential and independent online classroom learning. Thrive has been developed for students who are actively participating in school, are attending regularly and have average or above engagement in learning and literacy.

Thrive empowers students with goal-planning, motivation, communication and wellbeing strategies in an online environment. It can also provide young people with a skillset to increase their capacity for resilience and responsibility.

Early Thrive results indicate;

  • Increased student wellbeing
  • Increased knowledge and skills in goal achievement
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased confidence

Find out more about Thrive and how it might work in your school here: yothrive.org.au