Month: May 2020

An important message from our Chief Executive, Erin Faehrmann

19 May 2020

During this unprecedented time, my heart goes out to our community and supporters who are severely impacted by the pandemic and subsequent restrictions. If you are struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, I do encourage you to reach out to your support networks, and visit Beyond Blue who have a long list of national helplines and […]

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Project Prosper

11 May 2020

Project Prosper Lead, Stephen Sverchek, gives us an update on our latest project and how it has been impacted by COVID-19. Stephen joined Youth Opportunities earlier in the year, after working as a program facilitator with a women’s development organisation. He has a background in rural development and health, living and working in Zambia, Africa […]

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Thriving In A Time Of Uncertainty

Recently, Youth Opportunities interviewed our founder, Peter Marshman OAM, to discuss the importance and relevance of our online program, Thrive Online, and its origins. Peter is a successful businessperson, author and entrepreneur who has owned a number of well-known businesses in SA, and founded Youth Opportunities over 20 years ago. The YO program has been […]

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Assisting Graduates to Overcome Barriers: Youth Opportunities Scholarship Program

Now in its fourth year, the Youth Opportunities scholarship program is arguably now more important than ever to assist our graduates to overcome barriers to learning and achieving due to financial circumstances. Each year, the Youth Opportunities Volunteer Sponsorship and Scholarship Committee awards scholarships of academic tutoring, financial support and career guidance to graduates of […]

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Caring For Yourself While Working From Home

Dana Riddle, our Child Safety Officer, shared with us some great tips and tricks to improve our wellbeing whilst a large number of us are working from home. In theory, working from home sounds pretty awesome. There’s no daily commute, so you may get some more zzz’s in the morning before logging in for the […]

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Introducing Board Members and Farewelling Conrad Guerra

Farewell to Conrad Guerra Conrad joined the Youth Opportunities Board at founder Peter Marshman’s request “back in the Burns for Blinds days”. Conrad was instrumental in setting up our finance and governance structures in the very beginning. Conrad left the Board due to other work, family and philanthropic priorities but, six years ago, Peter asked […]

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Innovation in Action: Apprenticeship Program in Regional Australia Goes Digital

What is the Apprenticeship Pilot Program? Australia is facing a nationwide problem of apprentice retention due to several reasons, such as wellbeing and mental health issues, lack of personal leadership, and a clash in values between employees and organisations. Our rapidly changing world of work requires young people to not only have technical skills, but […]

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