By making a once-off or monthly donation, you will enable young South Australians to access opportunities and achieve their potential.

Our Stars in the Garden community of supporters and attendees make this event Youth Opportunities’ most significant fundraiser, and enables an important investment into the future of our state. It is an investment that lasts a lifetime, as young people are provided with the opportunity to turn their lives around, positively impacting their families and communities.

Our vision is a world where all young people have opportunities to be their best.

Each year, through the delivery of our evidence-based personal leadership programs, we equip more than 2,000 young people across South Australia with the skills to overcome adversity, build resilience and optimism, and prepare for their future.

How your support will help

In 2020, Youth Opportunities supported 2,344 young South Australians experiencing disadvantage. The positive impact of our personal leadership programs and services is profound and we have seen a 48% reduction in the number of young people at high risk of developing a mental health disorder after completing our Personal Leadership Program.

You can make a difference

“I found myself caring less and less about what other people thought, about how other people think, and focused more on what I knew was good about myself. Youth Opportunities has helped me to change my life and to help myself.”

– 2021 Youth Opportunities Graduate

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