Month: August 2021

Supporter Spotlight: Tumby Bay District Community Bank Branch

31 August 2021

Tumby Bay District Community Bank Branch have been incredible advocates of our Personal Leadership Program in their community for the last three years. Their most recent grant of $2,000 is directly supporting students completing the Personal Leadership program at Tumby Bay Area School, positively impacting the students, their families and the wider community. We recently […]

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Our Partnership with Badge Constructions

Badge Constructions is a valued corporate partner of Youth Opportunities, contributing financially but also through their young professionals program, Club 25, who volunteer at significant fundraising events. We recently caught up with Danica Trimboli, Marketing Communications Manager for Badge Constructions, to talk about their connection to our cause. How did Badge Constructions connect with the […]

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Q&A with a YO Grad

Jason Muir graduated from Youth Opportunities’ Personal Leadership Program back in 2003 at Seaford High School. He then went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/International Business) from Flinders University and is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand with a Chartered Risk Specialisation. Jason joined Statewide Super as Chief Risk Officer […]

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