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26 April 2018 / Home, Schools, Supporters, Team

A Message from Our Chief Executive


We are excited to announce the launch of our 2017 Organisation Report for what was a busy but fantastic year for Youth Opportunities. Here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights, but take a look at the report for much more.

We delivered 43 Personal Leadership Programs across 22 schools with 631 students successfully graduating. Our training began in the South East of SA for the very first time, so we now have programs running across every region of our great state. We also continued our graduate engagement, which meant throughout 2017 we stayed connected with 1,673 past graduates.

When it came to monitoring student progress, we introduced the EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Wellbeing (within the PERMA framework) to evaluate our program outcomes and, as such, as saw consistent increases in student wellbeing following training. Plus we brought in the K10 survey (used by the Australia Bureau of Statistics for the National Survey of Wellbeing) which measures psychological distress and anxiety. The results were extraordinary. Before taking part in our program, 40 percent of students reported being in the high risk category for experiencing psychological distress and anxiety. This fell to just 16 percent following training.

Our fundraising events were also a superb success all round, so a huge thank you to our fantastic hosts, sponsors, donors and guests – you make all our events what they are and we couldn’t do it without you! Starry Starry Night, celebrating our 20 Year Anniversary, along with our annual Golf Day in May, raised more than $140,000. And Stars in the Garden, the spectacular lunch hosted by Melanie and Robert Champion de Crespigny, raised a record-breaking $315,000!

Our successes over the past 12 months have been down to the unwavering support and help of so many individuals, companies and loyal supporters. Thank you all, your support really does make a difference.

2018 is shaping up to be another momentous year for Youth Opportunities. We’ve just seen 150 brave young people successfully graduate from our Personal Leadership program following Term 1 training and on behalf of everyone here at Youth Opportunities, I’d like to congratulate them on their achievements. As always, the graduation ceremonies were moving and inspiring, hearing our students talk about the changes they have made to their lives.

So here’s to another great year for our organisation. We look forward to having you join us as we continue to reach out to more young people across SA.

Peter Carey, Chief Executive

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