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The Need

Negative self-image, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, neglect and disengagement from school are just some of the issues facing young South Australians today. Without the right support system the transition into adulthood can be difficult and many risk falling into a cycle of disadvantage and long term unemployment.

To help young people navigate these challenges, Youth Opportunities provides Personal Leadership Program to develop goal planning, communication and wellbeing strategies to increase their skills and capacity for resilience and responsibility.

By applying what they learn through the training, young people are not only positively changing their own lives, they are also helping to influence those around them and bring about positive cultural change within their schools and the wider community.

of young people are diagnosed with a mental health problem this includes anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and self-loathing

How can you help?

For us to continue to provide our critical services to young people to help them develop the skills and attitude they need to make positive choices for their future we need your help.

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Our Reach

Youth Opportunities works in both metropolitan and regional South Australia and in 2014 we graduated 590 students in 37 Programs across 18 schools.


To date over 10,000 young people have benefited from our Personal Leadership Training and both internal and independent research shows immediate and long term impacts.

The Full Story

Learn more about what we stand for, where we have come from and the people behind our organisation such as our Board and staff.



Youth Opportunities is fuelled and funded by the South Australian Community.

  • 30% from Donations
  • 23.8% from Schools
  • 25.7% from Trusts and Foundations
  • 19.6% from Events
  • 0.9% from Administration Income

Our Goals

Youth Opportunities has a clear set of goals for the students and schools they are helping.

At School

For students to progress through high school with a greater commitment to their learning, clearer direction for their future and goal planning strategies to help them achieve.

At Home

To improve relationships and wellbeing at home by understanding positive communication practices, finding solutions that contribute to positive outcomes and responding constructively to conflict.

In Themselves

To build a vision of themselves that centres around the choice of happiness, growth and habits through creating a positive perception of their own person.
“ Before Youth Opportunities I always thought negative things about myself, hated school, never attended and had absolutely no plans, ideas or goals for my future. ”

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