Tamsin Simounds

Board Member

Tamsin Simounds specialises in leadership, behavioural and communications strategy, and she’s known for helping some of Australia’s top leaders and organisations lead with influence and communicate with impact. Tamsin is co-founder of The Edge leadership communications, specialising in aligning leaders and leadership teams with an organisational message, and helping them communicate it effectively both internally and externally. She has also spent over a decade working within the leadership team of South Australia’s leading Medical Imaging provider, Dr Jones and Partners.

Tamsin’s work has been featured in Thrive Global, Smart Company, Business Chicks and Women’s Agenda. She is a certified coach, highly trained in leadership strategy and human behaviour. She holds a long list of certifications including Diplomas in Modern Psychology, Management and Leadership, and certificates in The Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Cognitive Fitness via Harvard University.

Tamsin offers valuable expertise in leadership communications, and a contemporary understanding of the South Australian leadership development market. She has also taken on the role as Chairperson of our Scholarship and Sponsorship Committee.