About the
Personal Leadership Program

Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program is a 60 hour wellbeing and life skills training program that provides young people with the tools and skills to increase in confidence, self-worth, and motivation, helping them to build resilience and overcome adversity throughout their lives.


IN SCHOOL: For students to progress through high school with a greater commitment to their learning, clearer direction for their future and goal planning strategies to help them achieve. AT HOME: To improve relationships and wellbeing at home by understanding positive communication practices, finding solutions that contribute to positive outcomes and responding constructively to conflict. IN THEMSELVES: To build a vision of themselves that centres around the choice of happiness, growth and habits through creating a positive perception of their own person.

What is it all about

The Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program is a one day per week training program that runs over a school term. It is offered to Year 10 students in schools across metropolitan and regional South Australia. See a list of where we currently run here.

Using positive psychology and cognitive therapy, the Personal Leadership Program engages and extends participants knowledge and skills in areas not typically part of their schooling but that are crucially important to life.

Students decide what they want to gain from the Personal Leadership Program and our dedicated trainers help them achieve this. The Personal Leadership Program focuses on a range of topics including:

  • self-confidence and self-esteem
  • positive communication and relationships
  • motivation for school or study
  • goal planning and finding career pathways
  • dealing with bullying and other negative experiences
  • leadership

Below is a snapshot of what our Program entails.

The Logistics

The Methods

The Outcomes