Thrive Online builds the leadership and enterprise skills of students, giving them a clearer sense of future direction to thrive in school, work and life.


Thrive Online  is Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program reimagined. This flexible online program has been designed to empower schools to deliver a meaningful SACE Personal Learning Plan (PLP) subject, whilst providing the opportunity for tailored personal development in the classroom to meet individual school and student needs.

Thrive Online is delivered online in a classroom setting with students working through select modules under the guidance of a trained educator. Similar to our hallmark Personal Leadership Program, students will be guided through a range of topics designed to broaden their self-concept, increase their self-esteem, and develop goal planning strategies and career goals to support future career path and build the skills young people need to thrive in school, work and life.

Download the Thrive Online flyer here

Benefits to your school

  • Thrive Online is aligned to the SACE Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and can be delivered to Years 9 to 11.
  • The program simplifies the curriculum and evaluation rubrics providing efficient and effective PLP assessments.
  • Youth Opportunities provides comprehensive training on the core program concepts to your educators, contributing to their own professional development (minimum 6 hours of professional development hours with opportunities for extension).
  • A dedicated coordinator will be assigned to your school for the duration of the program.
  • Youth Opportunities will measure and report back on program results and
    student outcomes at the completion of each program.

Benefits to your students

  • Students develop the tools and positive habits that build resilience, confidence and optimism to help improve wellbeing.
  • Students gain skills in goal planning, motivation, perseverance and communication to become a personal leader.
  • Students build enterprise skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, independent working and collaboration skills.
  • Students are better prepared for education and career success.
  • Students receive 10 SACE Points on completion of the full Thrive online program and achieve their Personal Learning Program.


Thrive is an evidence-based program that is grounded in a range of psychological theory and takes a transformational learning approach to help build emotional intelligence and resilience in young people.

  • Success Definer – because everyone is different but we all have a dream
  • Happiness – from instant gratification to long term happiness
  • Communication – positive, negative and how to be a good communicator
  • Habits – the good, the bad and how to make them work for you
  • Self Talk, Self Image and Self Confidence
  • Growth Mindset – how to step outside your comfort zone
  • Motivation – skills and habits that will help get your life in order
  • Goal Planning – how to decide what you want & how to actually make it happen
  • Conflict Resolution – tools and techniques for negotiating win-win solutions
  • Emotional Intelligence – what’s working for you and what’s not and how to handle the not so great emotions.


  • Thrive Online is delivered by a school educator in a classroom setting via an online platform.
  • Thrive Online can be customised to meet varying student needs and outcomes.
  • The program and educator resources are designed to enable various levels of blended learning with suggested opportunities for educator facilitation of group discussion, reflection, knowledge
    sharing and deeper learning.
  • Students are able to work through the program online at their own pace, with suggested opportunities for the educator to facilitate group discussion, reflection, knowledge sharing and deeper learning.
  • Concepts are delivered in a module form and can run as weekly lessons over a semester, or in a more flexible format.
  • On completion of the full program, students will fulfil the SACE PLP requirements and gain 10 SACE points.
  • Thrive Online can be used to enhance or complement other PLP and wellbeing programs.