Welcome to YO Newbies!

11 February 2020 / Uncategorised

We are so excited to welcome new people to the YO Team! To get to know them better, we asked them a few questions:

Carol Garrick, Accounts and Payroll Officer

What do I do to look after my own wellbeing:  I like to exercise as it makes me feel good, I want to keep fit and strong and it gives me energy throughout my day. Relaxing with a good book, listening to music and spending time with my friends and family are all ways that contribute to helping me be in a good place!

What drew me to Youth Opportunities? I was interested in the role, and I liked what Youth Opportunities stands for and wanted to work in an environment with a warm and inclusive culture, which I feel even in the short time I have been here. I hope to achieve obviously a good understanding of my role, I am happy to learn new skills and be challenged, and mainly to improve and grow – and make some good friends!

Kate Chapley, Partnerships Manager

Someone who inspires me and why: Linda Jones! Our very own Co-Head of Fundraising and Marketing is so incredibly passionate and hard-working and never misses an opportunity to promote Youth Opps or to explore opportunities to “do good”, be it for Youth Opps or elsewhere.

What do I do to look after my own wellbeing: A weekly dance class. I join with a group of about 25 middle-aged women (and one man) in a jazz class – we even perform to a packed theatre at the end of every year! (The comedy act amongst our very talented children’s dances.)

One interesting fact about me: This also isn’t my first time with YO – I worked on the very first program as Peter Marshman’s PA many, many years ago!

Sorcha Walshe, Fundraising and Communications Coordinator

What do I do to look after my own wellbeing: Little things like walking my dog, taking time off social media and writing down my goals for the week make all the difference – I also love yoga and pilates.

What drew me to Youth Opportunities: The cause! I love that I am working for an organisation that helps young people be the best possible versions of themselves – I also loved the positive environment in the workplace and wanted to be a part of it.

One interesting fact about me: I grew up in Asia, Europe and North America and love experiencing new cultures and places!

Stephen Sverchek, Project Prosper Delivery Lead

Someone who inspires me and why: My partner. She works with children with autism and other disabilities. She is incredibly positive and changes lives for the better every day.

What do I do to look after my own wellbeing: I really enjoy exercise to look after my own wellbeing. It helps to wipe clean the slate of my mind. I also ride my motorcycle, read, and listen to podcasts.

One interesting fact about me: I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

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