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Are you a Personal Leadership Program graduate about to start university? Youth Opportunities has partnered with The Adam Scott Foundation to award one deserving graduate a fully funded scholarship to attend university!

The recipient can choose to study any undergraduate course at any South Australian university and will receive full financial support for the duration of their course. Hello no HECS debt!

The Low Down

Up to $75,000 university tuition for the duration on any undergraduate course available in South Australia. One scholarship is available.

Applications for the 2021 university scholarship are no longer being accepted.


STUDY LEVEL: Undergraduate
YEAR OF STUDY: Commencing first year studies 2021
STUDY REGION: South Australia
STUDY LOAD: Full-time (part-time may be considered)
To be considered to receive the Adam Scott Foundation Youth Opportunities Scholarship an applicant must:

  • Be a graduate of the Youth Opportunities program.
  • Have applied/been accepted into an undergraduate university course at a South Australian based university.
  • Not have previously completed a Bachelor degree or higher level award.
  • Be an Australian citizen.

Please Note: The Adam Scott Foundation Youth Opportunities Scholarship cannot be deferred. Monies must be used in the semester for which they are awarded.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be assessed based on an application form and a personal statement of 500 words (no more than 2 typed pages) addressing all the following criteria:

  • The benefit you will derive from receiving a scholarship and your career aspirations.
  • Previous challenges you have encountered i.e. disrupted schooling (i.e. frequently moved, illness, family tragedy), disadvantaged school environment, geographic isolation, limited access to financial resources, difficult home circumstances impacting on education, family responsibilities impacting on time available for study, English language difficulty etc.
  • How you have worked through these challenges to be prepared to undertake university studies.

Apply Now

We are no longer accepting applications to the 2021 Adam Scott Foundation Youth Opportunities Scholarship.

Ongoing Eligibility

  • The recipient must satisfy the following assessments in their university studies and commitment to The Adam Scott Foundation and Youth Opportunities;
  • Completion of a six month report outlining the educational results and benefit to their chosen career path.
  • Completion of a 12 month report outlining the educational results and benefit to their chosen career path.
  • Achievement of a Pass Rate of GPA 4 or greater. If Pass Rate of GPA 4 is not achieved, tutorial support will be considered to improve. Performance below this standard will require a show cause letter, and the recipient to be placed on probation for one semester. Continual academic underperformance will lead to withdrawal of the scholarship.
  • Maintain a full-time study load, unless otherwise approved by the Adam Scott Foundation. Any leave of absence from your university studies or changes to enrolment (i.e. change of course or university) must be approved by the Adam Scott Foundation.
  • The student must at all times present themselves at a high standard, as a representative of the Adam Scott Foundation and Youth Opportunities in the community. They will undertake their studies with a high focus of attention to gain the best possible educational opportunities from the course.
  • If the student brings the Adam Scott Foundation or Youth Opportunities into disrepute, the scholarship will be immediately ceased.

Application and Selection Process

1. Send Application

Either submit your application form online, send downloaded application form and attachments to or post to:

Youth Opportunities
35a Oaklands Road
Somerton Park SA 5044


2. Selection Panel

The selection panel will discuss applications, and select a shortlist of applicants who they believe would significantly benefit from the scholarship.

3. Get Shortlisted

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Youth Opportunities, via phone call, to schedule an interview.

Interviews with the selection panel will be undertaken.


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