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Thrive@Life is your opportunity to take control of your life and gain the skills, tools and confidence needed to help you thrive in education, work and life.

The 8 week online program will not only equip you with the in-demand enterprise and 21st century skills needed for your future, such as critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration and goal planning, which will give you a competitive edge – but will also help you increase optimism and resilience, which means improved wellbeing!

Our next particpant cohort begins July 2021 so sign up today as places are limited, and make the investment in this unique opportunity to be your best you.

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What is included in your online Personal Leadership Program

8 Week Program

An eight week Personal Leadership Program designed specifically for 15 to 25 year olds which puts you in control of your own life, and gets you certified as a personal leader.

8 Self Paced Modules

While you will participate in one to one coaching fortnightly, the rest of the program can be completed around school, work and life. You only need to allow approximately 3 hours per week – making the program fit in, and around you and your needs.

4x 30 Minute Coaching

We understand that you will have goals which are personal to you, so your coach will work with you one to one to help you build the habits and skills to achieve them.

Skills To Apply Weekly

Each week you will acquire in-demand skills such as critical and creative thinking, positive communication, organisational skills and digital literacy. But best of all, you will be set challenges that help you apply them in your life so you can see they actually work.

Evidence Based

Our program is underpinned by a range of psychological theory, including cognitive-behaviour approaches, motivation, social learning theory and positive psychology. It is also built on our 20+ years of experience of working with and learning from young people.

After completing our Thrive Online Personal Leadership Program in 2020, participants reported:



increase in optimism



were communicating better with others.



improved their self image



have been able to express themselves more creatively using technology

Why sign up?

Our Thrive@Life eight-week, self paced online Personal Leadership Program is designed for teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 25 who want to set a positive direction for their life.

Through weekly online self guided assignments, and fortnightly one to one coaching sessions over Zoom, participants will have the opportunity to explore key areas of interest and tailor coaching discussions relevant to achieving their personal goals.

The Thrive@Life Personal Leadership Program is a worldclass program underpinned by a range of psychological theory, including cognitive-behaviour approaches, motivation, social learning theory and positive psychology. It is also backed by Youth Opportunities success of delivering evidence based programs and services to more than 14,000 teenagers and young adults over the past 23 years.

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Course Overview

Duration8 weeks – approximately 3 hours per week
Delivery ModelOnline
Price$1,000 per person incl GST

Personal leadership, an advantage for life!

  • Define and achieve personal success for you
  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Feel confident in your decision making
  • Understand your strengths
  • Create and achieve meaningful goals
  • Boost your motivation
  • Increase your confidence and self-belief
  • Decrease procrastination
  • Effectively communicate
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Increase your wellbeing and resilience
  • Enhance your problem-solving ability
  • Develop your leadership skills

What will you learn in each module?

Click on any module to read more.

Module 1

Module 1 helps you gain an overview of this program and how the tools and skills you learn can be used to achieve your goals. We also define what success and happiness looks like to you, and how positive communication can be used to your benefit.

Module 2

During this module you will develop a better understanding of your self-image and how it impacts on your day-to-day happiness. We explore Personal Leadership and how you can be in control of your life. We will also empower you to take responsibility for your actions and decisions, which help create the best outcomes for you. 

Module 3

During Module 3 you will build the habits and attitudes that you need to achieve your goals. By learning how these habits are formed, you can begin to identify strategies and tools to maintain positive behaviour change – this helps you increase your perseverance to drive long term success.

Module 4

During this module you will explore ways to positively influence the people around you, and your environment. You will look inward with specialised strategies to improve your self-image and promote sustained happiness.

Module 5

This module is all about finding your purpose, and idenifying what motivates and drives you towards your future. By creating a plan that centres around your life goals you can also identify obstacles and any strategies you need develop to overcome them.

Module 6

Time to reflect on your program progress as you begin to evaluate what the next steps look like for you. Here we introduce big picture thinking to fully establish long term goal,s and amplify your ability to plan through the introduction of organisational tools which can be targeted for your specific needs.

Module 7

Module 7 is used to expand your knowledge of high-level communication strategies. By designing your conversations and interactions to create the best result, you can utilise your new skill set to troubleshoot difficult or complex situations.

Module 8

Module 8 helps you break the cycle of unhelpful thinking patterns to create new beliefs about yourself and how the world sees you. This is your opportunity to discover how to maintain your self-image to bring about sustained positive change. You will also learn how to step outside your comfort zone with confidence.

Is this program right for you?

Are you ready to take control of your life? To build your confidence, motivation, focus, optimism and resilience? Would you like to gain the skills needed for future employment? Is today the day you are going to take the first step toward being your best you? Then you bet this this program is right for you!

Once you have completed this application, and secured your spot in our next program cohort, beginning July 2021, you will be sent an email with details to log on to the Thrive Online portal.

Program commences on 1 July 2021 and concludes on 31 August 2021. Program cost is $1,000 including GST.

1. Participant’s Checklist

2. Participant’s Information

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3. Terms & Condition + Agreement

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Got questions?

Here are some of the answers we thought you might be interested in. Click on any question to read more.

What does a self-paced program look like?

Self-paced means that you get to work through the modules at your own pace over the duration of the program. Consult with your coach for the recommended time you should be spending working through the program each week; it is usually between 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the program duration. This will allow you enough time to complete each module, as well as some time to think and reflect on the content you are learning and practicing. As with most learning, the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

Will I be doing this program solo?

Essentially yes. You will be working through the modules individually and at your own pace, however, your coach will be available to answer any questions along the way. You will also have opportunities to discuss and create plans towards achieving your personal goals with your coach.

What does my coach do?

In addition to learning through completing the online modules, you get your very own coach that will help you to make the most out of this program. Together you will look at your personal goals and tailor the approach to these. During your program, you will have four, 30-minute coaching sessions on Zoom. Your coach will be in contact to organise these sessions with you.

How will a Personal Leadership program benefit me in my life?

Personal Leadership means taking positive control and responsibility of your life to direct yourself towards who you want to be, and how you want to live. It is YOU at YOUR best. It enables you to decide what success looks like to you, to set goals, to think and communicate positive messages, and to choose growth over security. Personal leadership equips you with the 21st century skills needed for the future, and the optimism and resilience to deal with whatever life throws your way. You will learn things to improve your personal relationships, understand how to increase wellbeing, and identify the best pathways for achieving your goals.

What’s included?

Up to 12 months continuous access to the Thrive Online Personal Leadership Program portal, downloadable course notes and additional downloadable tools and resources. Please note that the Thrive@Life Personal Leadership Program are non-accredited and there is no official assessment.

What do I receive upon completion of the program?

Upon completion of the program, you will be certified as a personal leader. You will receive a certificate highlighting the skills you achieved through the program. These include, but not limited to, in-demand employability skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, organisation, and digital capabilities.

Payment method

We require full payment to be made upfront prior to accessing the Thrive@Life Online Personal Leadership Program. Payment can only be made via Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/Amex).

Terms, conditions and cancellation policies apply, including the use of your unique Thrive Online login details which must not be shared.

What do I do if I have any issues?

From logging on or IT issues, to not understanding questions or content, we are here to support you with any challenges you might encounter! Send your coach an email as your first point of contact. In addition to your coach, there is a dedicated IT and online learning team that you can get in contact with. They will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours. support@marshmanfoundation.com.au

Operating System

Recommended: Windows 7, 10, Mac OSX Sierra

Internet Speed

Use a broadband connection (256 Kbit/sec or faster – this will ensure that you can view videos and online presentations) through USB wireless modem, ADSL, T1/T2, fibre optic or cable.

Dial up access will be significantly slower, and we do not recommend it for using Moodle.

Internet Browsers

Compatible browsers include: ·Recommended for optimal compatibility on Windows – Google Chrome 32-bit version 50 or later ·Recommended for optimal compatibility on Mac – Safari 10 or later

*Note that add ons and toolbars can affect any browsers performance

MS internet Explorer is not recommended. If you have any difficulty accessing the Moodle, check that you are using one of the supported browsers above before you contact external support.


We recommend that the following be enabled: ·Cookies ·Pop-ups (in both Internet browser and security software) ·Javascript


We recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

Resource Viewing

We recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To view all the resources uploaded to Moodle, you will need to have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or an equivalent (e.g. Open Office, Viewer) installed.


With all firewalls, ensure that you enable uploading of files.

Meet your Coaches

Youth Opportunities coaches are experienced practitioners with a number of years of practical expertise in building the personal leadership capabilities of young people.


Tom is a Senior Trainer at Youth Opportunities and has been coaching students for success for the past ** years. Tom also trains up all new coaches so really he is a guru in ‘personal leadership’ which is going to mean you can be sure he is one of the best people to help you achieve your goals.


Courntey is not only a Senior trainer at Youth Opportunities, but she is also a graduate of our Personal Leadership Program herself. This means when it comes to truly understanding how this program can help you change your life for the better, Courtney is a great resource to draw from and is motivated to help you be your best you.


Tarsh has been a coach at Youth Opportunities for ** years, along with a number of other roles within our organisation supporting many different areas of our business. She also holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) which makes her an excellent program coach and someone who loves to talk about the scientific theory behind our personal leadership programs.

Need help now? Whilst our programs are a preventative measure for building healthy wellbeing, our programs are not appropriate for crisis help – if you are feeling distressed now, or are concerned about someone else, there are people who can help at any time of the day, or night . Click here to find immediate support.

Need help with your registration, or want to speak with one of our coaches about the program? Reach out, we would love to help you to be your best you!

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