The Marshman Foundation

The Marshman Foundation is the research and development arm of Youth Opportunities, providing thought leadership and support to protect the integrity and fidelity of our programs and services.

Working in consultation with Youth Opportunities, Marshman Foundation brings skills and knowledge in education & training, psychology and information technology, and ensures our programs and services remain relevant and effective to young people and schools. The foundation also oversees new programs and services, and testing their viability in the marketplace.

Using our suite of measures and the global evidence base, the Marshman Foundation continually test the assumptions around the short and long term impact of our programs and services. This is represented in our Theory of Change, which articulates how and why we create social impact.

Our programs and services are developed based on extensive research in the fields of:

  • Positive psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Habit formation and neuroscience
  • Developmental psychology
  • Transformational learning theory
  • Personal development theory
  • Motivational theory
  • Philosophy

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Recent project

Thrive Online is Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program reimagined. This flexible online program has been designed to empower schools to deliver a meaningful SACE Personal Learning Plan (PLP) subject, while providing the opportunity for tailored personal development in the classroom – to meet individual school and student needs.

Thrive Online is delivered online in a classroom setting, with students working through modules, under the guidance of a trained educator. Similar to our flagship Personal Leadership Program, students are guided through a range of topics designed to broaden their self-concept, increase their self-esteem, and develop goal planning strategies and career goals, to support future career paths, and build the skills young people need to thrive – in school, work and life.

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