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Are you a Youth Opportunities Elevate Personal Leadership Pathway Graduate in South Australia looking for help to reach your full potential? Our scholarship program is aimed at helping graduates through assistance towards study goals and future career plans.

Graduates who demonstrate continued effort, and progression toward achieving their goals, can apply for a scholarship of up to $1,500. Scholarships are awarded in three categories; financial aid, career guidance and academic tutoring.

Since its inception in 2017, supporters of Youth Opportunities have made it possible to award $1,033,319 worth of scholarships to 413 young people across 27 regional and metropolitan schools.

The school-based scholarship round is now OPEN. Applications will close on Wednesday 17 April, 5.00 pm (ACDT).

Financial Support Scholarship

Are you a keen design student wanting to advance your skills, but need help purchasing new design software? Or a VET student wanting to purchase tools to help complete your course?

A Financial Support scholarship goes towards purchasing an item or opportunity that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you. E.g. laptop, textbooks, TAFE or VET fees, courses, driving lessons, transport costs, a bicycle for transport, specialised equipment, software etc., to the value of $1,500.

Career Guidance Scholarship

Know what you want to do in life, but not sure how to get there?

A Career Guidance scholarship provides the opportunity to be linked with leaders in your industry of interest, with up to $1,500 worth of mentoring, short-term guidance, advice or work experience.

Academic Tutoring Scholarship

Looking to do an extracurricular course or additional tutoring to improve your grades and reach your education and career goals?

An Academic Tutoring scholarship provides up to $1,500 towards additional tuition costs or tutoring by an external tutoring company to support or advance your study.

Adam Scott Foundation University Scholarship

Applications for the Adam Scott Foundation University Scholarship are now CLOSED.

Are you an Elevate Personal Leadership Pathway graduate about to start university? Youth Opportunities has partnered with The Adam Scott Foundation to award one deserving graduate a fully-funded scholarship to attend university!

The recipient can choose to study any undergraduate course at any South Australian university, and will receive full financial support for the duration of their course. Hello no HECS debt!

I’m so excited to receive this scholarship. This will mean I am able to take a pre-Uni design course I have been dreaming about for a long time!

Scholarship Recipient

Being able to get my provisional license through the scholarships program has improved my ability to be independent, connect with more people, and attend events.

Scholarship Recipient

About scholarships

Founded in 2017, the Youth Opportunities scholarships program aims to help past Elevate Personal Leadership Pathway graduates (SA only) reach their full potential by providing financial scholarships of up to $1,500 to further study goals and support future career plans.

Scholarships are awarded in three areas – financial support, career guidance, and academic tutoring – to students who can demonstrate a passion and commitment to achieving their goals.

School-based scholarship donors

Support young people, and ensure they have the practical tools to thrive and achieve in their studies. Becoming a scholarship donor can help change the future for young people in South Australia.

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