2023 Annual Impact Report

In 2023, we delivered 97 personal leadership programs across six states, making it a record-breaking year for us. We focused on growth while maintaining the quality of our programs and services, which is reflected in our outstanding outcomes. Thanks to the continued support of our partners and supporters, we worked with 3,970 young people through our personal leadership programs and wraparound services, helping them build resilience, mental health skills, and the confidence to thrive.

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2023 Personal Leadership Program Outcomes

2022 Annual Impact Report

2022 was once again an incredible year of life-changing opportunities made possible because of our partners and supporters in the community. Through our personal leadership programs, wraparound services and social enterprise, Generation Thrive, we were able to work with more than 3,500 young people. Helping them to positively transform not only their life, but have a positive effect on their schools, families and communities.

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2021 Annual Report

2021 was one of our most impactful years to date. We saw incredible growth of our programs and services to support 4,668 young people through our personal leadership programs, graduate engagement activities, scholarships, social enterprise, workshops, and wraparound services. That is a lot of lives changed for the better!

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2020 Annual Report

2020 was one like no other we have experienced. The year saw young people some of the hardest hit by the impact of the pandemic and, as such, we responded promptly to serve those in need. We supported 2,344 young people through our personal leadership programs, graduate engagement, Thrive Online and other services.

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2019 Annual Report

2019 marked our 22nd year of operation and, in partnership with the community, we are proud to report we saw 728 inspiring young people, from 45 programs, across 23 schools, graduate from our Personal Leadership Program. Since our inception, our organisation has graduated over 13,300 young South Australians who are now positively contributing to our great state!

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2019 Audited Financial Statements

2018 Organisation Report

The support we received in 2018 meant we were able to engage with 2,034 young people through our programs and services. This includes 824 graduates from our Personal Leadership Program, up from 631 the year before. This represents the largest graduate numbers in recent years, and largest exponential growth in a single year. Our program outcomes confirmed truly exceptional progress in the wellbeing of our graduates, with the number of graduates at high risk of developing a mental health disorder dropping by a staggering 52.1% after completing the Personal Leadership Program. We also recorded substantial increases in happiness and optimism in our graduates.

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2017 Organisation Report

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Youth Opportunities and I am so pleased we achieved some of the biggest milestones to date. I would like to thank our Chief Executive, Peter Carey, the Youth Opportunities Board and team, and our valued supporters on a truly incredible year.

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2016 Organisation Report

2016 – what a year for Youth Opportunities! Congratulations to our Chief Executive Peter Carey, the Youth Opportunities team and Board and our valued supporters on a successful year that included many highlights. The number of schools we partner with continued to grow in 2016, with Playford International College and Christies Beach High School both introducing the Positive Empowerment Program for the first time and Wirreanda Secondary School coming back on board. Thirty-eight programs were run throughout the year with 544 students graduating.

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