We value young people, we believe in them, we educate them, and we motivate and inspire them to do the same for themselves.

Our vision is a world where all young people have opportunities to be their best.

Through our personal leadership programs and wraparound services, we put young people in positive control of their own lives. Equipping them with the enterprise skills they need for the future, and developing their wellbeing and resilience to be prepared for any challenges they may face.

All of our evidence-based programs are designed to empower the individual and focus on developing long-term happiness, setting and achieving goals, increasing motivation, developing positive communication, enhancing confidence, and improving relationships.

By becoming a personal leader, young people are given the skills, habits, and confidence to not only cope, but thrive.

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Personal Leadership Programs and Pathways

Our face-to-face personal leadership programs are delivered in partnership with schools one day per week over a school term, and in South Australia rewards students with 20 SACE points on successful completion. The programs provide young people with the enterprise skills they need for future education and employment success, along with tools to increase confidence, self-worth, and motivation, helping them to build the optimism and resilience to overcome adversity throughout their lives.

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Thrive@School Online Personal Leadership Program

Thrive@School takes our Personal Leadership Program online, giving schools the flexibility to reach more students and tailor the program to suit their needs and deliver core components of our program in a modularised format. In South Australia the program meets the SACE and Personal Learning Plan (PLP) requirements. The Thrive Online Personal Leadership Program for schools equips students with the 21st century and enterprise skills that will see them thrive in education, employment, and life while improving wellbeing and resilience.

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PROSPER Graduate Engagement

As an added service, currently only offered in SA for participants of our Elevate Personal Leadership Pathway, graduates receive follow-up support for two years after completing the personal leadership program component of the pathway. This helps ensure the sustainability of outcomes and reinforces program concepts.

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PROSPER Scholarships

To support graduates of our Elevate Personal Leadership Pathway (currently only offered in SA) who are experiencing financial hardship, we offer scholarships that enable them to pursue and achieve their academic goals. Scholarships can be used for financial aid, career guidance, and academic tutoring, along with the opportunity to access to a full University Scholarship thanks to the Adam Scott Foundation.

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Community 360 Caregiver & Educator Support

As an added service to all of our school-based partners, we offer support to caregivers and educators to help them understand the program content and extend their knowledge in the areas of wellbeing and resilience through face-to-face seminars and online workshops.

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Bespoke Services – Schools

We understand young people have diverse needs. This is why we work with your school to find the best solution to meet your requirements. Whether that means building capacity in your staff or working directly with your young people, we can offer a range of tailored programs across personal leadership development, enterprise skills, youth mental health first aid, and wellbeing and resilience training.

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The future of work means young people today need to be equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive. Through our social enterprise, Generation Thrive, the online Thrive@Work program is delivered over 8 or 16 weeks in partnership with industry, workforce, and group training organisations. It includes one-to-one coaching and peer mentoring. The program helps improve the performance and retention of participants by equipping them with enterprise skills such as critical and creative thinking, positive communication, collaboration, confidence, and digital literacy.

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Apprenticeship Development Program

Our Apprenticeship Development program is an adaptation of our long-standing Personal Leadership Program which helps to increase retention and build apprentices’ lifelong skills and habits to increase workplace success in the future. Delivered flexibility to meet the needs of our partners, the program equips these young people with the skills they need to be engaged and effective employees.

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Sports Clubs

Through our social enterprise, Generation Thrive, we work in partnership with sports clubs to deliver the Thrive@Life program to build the personal leadership of players, both in the game and in life. Delivered online over 16 weeks, and coupled with one-on-one coaching and peer mentoring, participants gain skills in; goal planning, problem-solving and critical thinking, collaboration, positive communication, and leadership.

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Corporate Engagement

Is your business looking at ways to build the personal leadership of your staff? As well as improving their wellbeing and resilience? We can work with you to build a program that builds personal leaders and helps achieve specific learning and development goals of your organisation. And of course, being a program delivered by our team, you know there will be a huge dose of inspiration, and the great feeling that your engagement has allowed us to support more young people facing adversity to participate in our personal leadership programs.

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Delivered through our social enterprise Generation Thrive, Thrive@Life is our online Personal Leadership Program which puts you in the driving seat of your life. This 8-week program is designed for young people aged between 15 and 25, and equips you with enterprise skills for your future, including digital literacy, and helps build your wellbeing and resilience to tackle life’s future challenges. On top of all of this, you become a certified Personal Leader giving you a competitive edge amongst your peers.

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