What is Corporate Engagement all about?

After overwhelming feedback from board members, supporters, teachers and parents, Youth Opportunities have taken the Personal Leadership Program and tailored it for the workplace with the aim of building happy, motivated and engaged organisations.

Youth Opportunities will work with senior management to understand the needs of the organisation and using core Personal Leadership Program concepts, deliver a tailored set of workshops to help increase confidence, develop communication skills, increase teamwork capabilities, understand and build workplace resilience and empower your people to make better decisions and work more effectively.

I thought this would be another touchy feely, everyone say love kind of course but it wasn’t at all. The topics they covered with simple but so practical and relevant, not just to the workplace but in all areas of life. I’m thinking about the world in a new way now.

Jason, Corporate Training Participant

My team was struggling with communication and there was a lot of frustration. This course helped all of us get on the same page and learn how to communicate in ways that are more effective and positive.

Ali, Manager & Corporate Training Participant

Topics covered

The Personal Leadership Corporate Training Program is grounded in psychology and uses principles of positive psychology and cognitive therapy, to help build emotional intelligence and resilience in your team. Workshops are tailored to meet your organisations’ needs and can include any of the following topics:

  • Self Talk, Self Image and Self Confidence in the workplace
  • Communication – how to develop effective communication in the workplace
  • Happiness – the science of happiness and the workplace
  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone – making risk taking a priority
  • Conflict Resolution – how to resolve conflicts in mutually beneficial ways
  • Habits & Motivation – the good, the bad and how to the small things into big achievements
  • Emotional Intelligence – understand how your emotions can influence the workplace
  • Success Definer – learning how we can all work together to achieve the same goal

This has been so great for our team. Everyone has really enjoyed it and we can see a real shift in the culture. There is a lot more open communication happening both within teams and between teams. Thanks Youth Opportunities.

Elaine, HR Manager

This corporate training was like no other. It was realistic and applicable in the day-to-day. I got a lot out of it and I know my team did too. It was also great to know we were going something good for the community too.

Oscar, Corporate Training Participant

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