At Youth Opportunities, we love to share our important work with the media, and to be a reliable and credible source of information for issues relating to young people today, including the important voice of young people in stories. We can provide a range of media materials, including key messaging, imagery, spokespeople and pre-recorded content to support the production of your story or interview. Reach out to Linda Jones, Head of Fundraising and Marketing on 0419 264 065 or email

Triple M Make-or-Break Challenge Champion Chris Dittmar

Hear Ditts, Roo, and Loz chat with Youth Opportunities Chair, Nick Chigwidden, about the Make-or-Break Challenge presented by National Pharmacies.


SAFM Make-or-Break Challenge Champion Bec Morse

Listen to SAFM’s Bec Morse auction off her one of kind clothing items in support of her Make-or-Break Challenge.


Tigers Personal Leadership Program 7NEWS Clip

(Footage belongs to 7NEWS Adelaide) In April 2021, Glenelg Football Club partnered with the new social enterprise arm of Youth Opportunities to invest in the personal leadership and wellbeing of their players. Using our world-class Thrive @ Life Personal Leadership Program, a 16-week online pilot program was developed for Glenelg Football Club players, with thanks […]


FiveAA Live Reads

Listen to Youth Opportunities’ advertisement on FiveAA with Mark Bickley and Amelia Mulcahy.



Our Chief Executive Erin Faehrmann sat down with Belinda Ryan to talk about what led her to Youth Opportunities, what personal leadership is, and how we work with young people to enable them to become positive contributors to their community.


Interview with Jade Robran on FiveAA

Chief Executive Erin Faehrmann sat down with Jade Robran on FiveAA to discuss some of the issues facing young people in 2021, and how Youth Opportunities works with schools in our community.


SynergyIQ Podcast

Chief Executive Erin Faehrmann shares her career journey with Daniel Franco from SynergyIQ, and discusses how young people face more complex challenges in today’s world than ever before. As a kid from humble beginnings, Erin has a passion for working with young people facing complex challenges.


Interview with Pilko on FiveAA

Erin Faehrmann and Youth Opportunities’ newly appointed Board Chair, Nick Chigwidden sat down with Tony ‘Pilko’ Pilkington to discuss Nick’s recent appointment and how Youth Opportunities helps change young South Australian’s lives.


Made for More Podcast

Youth Opportunities Chief Executive Erin Faehrmann sat down with Ally Nitschke to talk about embracing technology in a post-pandemic world, how Youth Opportunities is changing young people’s lives, leadership and more!


Interview with John-Paul Drake

Chief Executive Erin Faehrmann sat down with John-Paul Drake, second generation grocer, first generation lover of people and their stories, on his podcast Ducks Don’t Get Cold Feet to share her story on her humble upbringing, dealing with mental health issues and how she helps young people develop lifelong skills, habits and confidence.

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