What is Community 360 all about?

To help further support young people taking part in our personal leadership programs, Youth Opportunities runs Community 360, a parent, caregiver and educator support program. Consisting of resources and workshops, Community 360 is designed to help parents, caregivers and educators understand the program concepts, and how best to support young people taking part in our personal leadership programs.

Utilising key strategies and principles, Community 360 addresses connectedness, accelerates the positive impact for students, and provides ongoing support to sustain the outcomes beyond the program

During 2022, 771 caregivers or educators attended workshops or webinars.

In 2022, Community 360 workshops were delivered in person to selected groups of parents, caregivers and educators. Online webinars were also available to all caregivers of the young people completing our personal leadership programs.



of caregivers and educators felt the training would be useful in their lives



caregivers learnt tools to build a more positive relationship with their young person



educators reported the tools and strategies they learnt supported their teaching

Hear from a parent

who participated in a Community 360 workshop

My son is a different person now, and he is now having such a positive impact on his little brother and sister. It is amazing. There is harmony in our house now!


 The workshop helped by improving my cognitive bias and to improve my class environments.


I liked the links to relevant psychological theories and examples of how it is used in the program.


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