Principal Donors

R and M Champion de Crespigny Foundation

Platinum Donors

John and Glenda Kidman

Major Donors

Erin Faehrmann

Stephen and Gill Hicks

Felicity and John Lord

Terry & Anne Sullivan

The Wood Foundation

Program Donors

Rick Allert AO and Barb Allert

Bernard & Sharyn Booth

Craig Brown and Julie McLellan

Damien and Anna Brown

Donald and Jill Cant

Peter Marshman OAM and Joan Marshman

Graham Hobbs OAM

Fiona MacLachlan OAM and Hugh MacLachlan

David McKee AO and Pam McKee

Isabel Michell

Patricia and Ed Michell

Wes and Susan Seja

Midfield Group

Ian Wall OAM AM and Pamela Wall OAM

David and Susie Whiting

Michael and Tracey Whiting AM

Ben and Jo Wilson

Leadership Donors

Julie and Rick Abbott

Accru Harris Orchard

Bec Adams and James Coley

Jeff Allen

Michael Angelakis AM

Geoff and Catherine Babidge

Anna Baillie-Karas and Jason Karas

Craig and Sue Ball

Fraser Bell

Mary Lou Bishop and Joe Verco

Angela and David Bonnin

Penny Bowen and Don Donlan

Nicky Brand and David Adams

Annette and John Burkett

Central Hotel

Melanie Champion de Crespigny OAM and Robert Champion de Crespigny AC

Stuart Champion de Crespigny

John and Cheryl Chappell

Vince and Sandra Ciccarello

Pat Cohen

Julie Cook

Josephine Cooper

Mario and Patricia Corena

John and Rosemary Cornish

Stephen and Steph Couche

Robyn and Colin Cowan

Trina Crawford and Rick Power

Dr Darryl Cross

Pip Darby

Dot and Dean Day

Day Family Foundation

John Denton

Jason and Sandra Di Ulio

Jane Doyle

Will and Georgie Duncan

Leschele and Darcy Economos

Chrissy Esau and Mike Young

Karen Farmer

Nicolle Flint MP

Helen and Dick Fidock

Ian and Chris Gould

Sandra & Peter Gregg

Kathy and Michael Harbison

Dr Richard Harris SC OAM and Fiona Harris

Kim and Vizma Hazel

Roger and Diana Higgins

Jill Hill and Bob Warner

Harley and Honi Hooper

Susan and Rob Hunt

Sarah and Angus Irwin

Tim Kelly

Kingsford Homestead

Dennis and Peta Laundy

Ian and Sue Leitch

Simon and Kerry Lehman

Ben and Edwina Lumbers

Julia and Grant Mackintosh

Tony and Milica Maiello

Skye McGregor

Janet and Ian McLachlan

Con and Voula Michalakis

Henry Michell and Mandy Cooper

Andrew and Annie Mintz

Angela Moran

Hamish Nairn

Ben and Prue Noble

Stephen and Denni Noble

Sandy and Bree Nott

David O’Loughlin

Simon and Lucille O’Loughlin

Oscar Hunt

John Phillips and Dymphia James

Julia and Guy Pitman

Hon Steven Marshall MP Premier of South Australia

Denis Prider

Wendy and Grant Raymond

Loretta Reynolds

Cath and Michael Ricketts

Aidan Rigoni

Vito and Anya Rinaldi

Andrew and Liz Robertson

Gayle and Andrew Robertson

Geoff and Jennifer Robertson

Ben Robinson and Sue Cocks

Jonathan and Simonne Rogers

Lee Ross-Solomon and Richard Solomon

Rotary Club of Millicent

Rotary Club of Somerton Park

Rachel Sanderson MP

Meredyth and Don Sarah

Josh and Cathy Simons

Dennis and Anne Sims

Bardie Simpson

Raymond and Tina Spencer

Dan and Celeste Spernat

Paul Sutton

Vincent Tarzia MP and Charissa Tarzia

Tattersalls Hotel

Adrian and Polly Tembel

Jane Thomas

Joe and Dee Walker

John and Jane Wallace

Leo Walsh and Pauline Carr

Nick and Anna Waterman

Peter and Judy Watson

Dee Whitford

Dee Whitford

Ken and Philippa Williams

Willa Wilson

Karl Heinz Zirkel

Student Donors

A.P. Eagers Foundation

Julie and Ben Allen

Henry and Kym-Lea Angas

Lesley Haas-Baker and Michael Bickford

B.L. Shipway – David Shipway

Louise Bridgewater

Brighton Crash – Brian Nash

Juliet and Bill Britten-Jones

Michael and Susan Brock

Chris Penny and Angela Carey

Bruce Carter and Dina Matters

Lena Cavill

Nick Chigwidden

Matt and Naomi Davies

Max and Susy Daw

Rosemary de Meyrick

Department of Social Services

Detmold Packaging – Rodney & Sully Detmold

District Council of Grant

Chris Dittmar

Julie and Charlie Downer

Hon Kevin Foley

Sonnie Fong

Michele Gayler

David and Di Gillespie

Deborah and Mark Hamilton

Robert and Annabel Hill-Smith

NaVicki and Tim Jordanme

Lions Club of Glenside

Lions Club of Mount Gambier

Annie Lovejoy

Michael and Cheryl Luchich

Grazio and Grace Maiorano

Johnathon and Amy Matthews

Steve and Nikki Mathwin

Brett and Fiona McKenna

David and Jane McMahon

Steve and Rebecca Moreau

Peter Noble

Richard Nunn and Maggie Lin

Dave O’Reardon

Port Lincoln Community Bank

Tim and Susanna Proudman

Queen Adelaide Society

Regency Tavern

Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay

Rotary Club of Mount Gambier West

Rotary Club of Mount Gambier

Rotary Club of Millicent

Rotary Club of Prospect

Ant and Mary-Lou Simpson

Lynn and Pam Stewart

Tavern 540

Jude and Jonno Tolley

Tumby Bay District Community Bank

Tynte Flowers – Richard & Jan Frolich

Mark and Leonie Venable

Wheatsheaf Hotel

John and Liz Zikos

Special thanks to the support received by the Department for Education

Life Members

Peter Marshman OAM

Karen Marshman

Mike de la Haye

Conrad Guerra

Skye McGregor

Graham Hobbs OAM

Melanie Champion de Crespigny AM

Darryl Cross

Lee Newton

Tom Cleland

Joanna Thomas

Stacey Fremantle

Board Members

Dennis Laundy

Nicky Brand

Peter Marshman OAM

Matthew Fisher

Bec Adams

Michael Whiting

Darren Steele

Sue McMillan

Nick Chigwidden

Tamsin Simounds

Our Patron

His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Le AC, Governor of South Australia

Our Ambassador

Peter Carey OAM

Committee Members

Melanie Champion de Crespigny AM

Sharyn Booth

Chrissy Esau

Polly Tembel

Arabella Branson

Amy Mathews

Michael Whiting

Eddie Bell

Pat Carpenter

Grant Martinella

David Holst

Kristen Jeffrey

Nick Chigwidden

Chris Dittmar

Karin Harris

Stephen Hicks

John & Glenda Kidman

Richard McDonough

Mayor Richard Sage

Mayor Richard Sage

Ian McKay

Stu Husband

Fiona Pulford

Julie Reis

David Hill

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