What is Thrive Online

Thrive Online is an innovative and interactive personal leadership program for students in years 9 to 11 to fulfil their SACE Personal Learning Plan (PLP) subject over one term, or longer, with the added benefits of students improving their wellbeing, leadership, enterprise, and communication skills.

This program is built on Youth Opportunities’ 20+ years of practical experience in working with young people. Thrive Online combines extensive research from a broad range of theoretical underpinnings, including motivational theory, cognitive behaviour approaches, social learning theory, and positive psychology.

How do students benefit from Thrive Online?

With multiple delivery options available to suit our partner schools’ budgets and needs, Thrive Online will support the development of your students while giving them a leading edge in achieving both their educational and personal goals.

  • Receiving 10 SACE Points on completion of the full Thrive Online program, and achieve their Personal Learning Program.
  • Developing the tools and positive habits that build resilience, confidence, and optimism to help improve wellbeing.
  • Gaining skills in goal planning, motivation, perseverance, and communication to become a personal leader.
  • Building enterprise skills, such as problem-solving, creative thinking, independent working, digital literacy, and collaboration.
  • Preparing for education and career success.
  • Benefitting from a flexible program, modified to suit the needs of students with delivery options in the classroom, remotely, and at their own pace.

In 2021, Thrive Online Personal Leadership Programs were delivered across Australia to





Thrive Online offers flexible delivery options which allow for it to be tailored to specific student and curriculum needs.

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How is it delivered?

Thrive Online can be delivered by a school educator, in a classroom setting, via an online platform, or it can be customised to meet varying student needs and outcomes including with the support of Youth Opportunities delivering the program remotely.

The program and educator resources are designed to enable various levels of blended learning, with suggested opportunities for educator facilitation of group discussion, reflection, knowledge sharing and deeper learning. Each of the concepts are delivered in a module form, and can run as weekly lessons over a semester, or in a more flexible format.

Why do schools choose Thrive Online?

On completion of the full program, students fulfil the SACE PLP requirements and gain 10 SACE points.

The program simplifies the curriculum and evaluation rubrics, providing efficient and effective PLP assessments.

Thrive can be used to enhance, or complement, other PLP and wellbeing programs.

Youth Opportunities provides comprehensive training on the core program concepts to educators, contributing to their own professional development (minimum 6 hours of professional development hours with opportunities for extension).

Thrive Online measures and reports on program results and student outcomes.

The things I learnt in Thrive will set me up for life. They were simple concepts, but no one ever took the time to explain how important they were before.

Thrive Online Participant

The flexibility of Thrive is perfect for schools and teachers who want to help develop young people’s emotional development, but already have a full curriculum.

Thrive Online Teacher Facilitator

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