higher confidence



developed strategies for a successful life



better relationships with teachers and parents



believe their grades will improve

“The Youth Opps program helped me in so many ways and gave me a better way to view things. I am a lot more motivated now and I have a really good work ethic.” 

“I have a pretty clear understanding of what I want to do, and I have the right skills to follow through with it. I believe I can be pretty successful and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.”

Seth – program graduate

For the past 26 years, Youth Opportunities has supported almost 17,000 young Australians to become personal leaders who are now contributing positively to their schools, families, and communities. 

Through the delivery of world-class evidence-based personal leadership programs, Youth Opportunities provides a unique interception of social-emotional learning, enterprise skill development, and positive mental health outcomes. Combined with our wrap-around support services, our programs reduce barriers that hold young people back from achieving their potential.

Our prevention and early intervention programs are valuable to all young people. However, we raise funds to ensure we can provide them free of charge to our most marginalised youth to create equity in opportunities for all.

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