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Opportunity is life-changing – Invest in the future of our youth

13 June 2023

Dear Valued Supporter, My name is Tom, and I have worked in the training delivery team at Youth Opportunities for the past 17 years. While so much has changed within our organisation over this time, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that the young people we work with all still want the same thing – […]

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What is Personal Leadership?

6 March 2023

This is a common question that we are asked on a regular basis!  You have more than likely heard of what leadership is, but when it comes to personal leadership it is something that people very rarely explore despite maybe already holding those skills. As the Personal Leadership Program is our flagship service, we thought […]

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Learn about Generation Thrive

Did you know Youth Opportunities have their own social enterprise?   Introducing Generation Thrive, a profit-for-purpose business established in 2021, supporting personal leadership, enterprise, and wellbeing skill development for young adults and emerging leaders within the workplace, community and industry. 100% of profits are returned to Youth Opportunities Australia, to support its mission.   Generation Thrive provides […]

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Building your Personal Leadership

28 June 2021

We’re pleased to be announced as the charity of choice for the upcoming Newday Summit. A conference like no other, Newday exists to create positive change in the world by inspiring, empowering, connecting and igniting action in both individuals and organisations, so they can ‘lead for the greater good’. Not only are we the charity […]

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Caring For Yourself While Working From Home

11 May 2020

Dana Riddle, our Child Safety Officer, shared with us some great tips and tricks to improve our wellbeing whilst a large number of us are working from home. In theory, working from home sounds pretty awesome. There’s no daily commute, so you may get some more zzz’s in the morning before logging in for the […]

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Q&A with Nicky Brand, Marshman Foundation

11 February 2020

We recently sat down with Nicky Brand, General Manager of the Marshman Foundation, to speak with her about current issues facing young people and how concepts within Youth Opportunities’ programs can help to alleviate these problems.  What is one of the most concerning issues facing young people today? Unfortunately, anxiety is on the rise in […]

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