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18 March 2021

Marketing and Fundraising Support Officer – 12-month project-based role THIS IS NOT FOR YOU Unless you have a creative brain Unless you have an I for detail 😉 Unless you have an intense passion for marketing and fundraising Unless you are driven and enthusiastic Unless you are fast thinking and task orientated Unless you are […]

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Blog Post from Head of Training Larry Waller

26 February 2021

January 2021 Youth Opportunities’ Training Team is back in the swing of things and developing exciting new products and services, as well as preparing for the year of training ahead. What is really clear within our organisation is that we don’t work in siloes, and we collaborate across departments using the skills, knowledge and experience […]

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Blog Post from Head of Training Larry Waller

25 November 2020

Wednesday the 18th of November. Pivot, pivot, pivot! If I was a submarine commander and we saw a big enemy warship coming our way we would shout “Dive, dive, dive”, the submarine would sink below the waves, out of sight of the oncoming threat. At Youth Opportunities, instead of sinking below the waves and running […]

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Term 2 Impact Report

15 September 2020

Youth Opportunities’ vision is a world where all young people have opportunities to be their best. During 2020, this vision has been tested like never before as Australia’s youth have been challenged by the devastating bushfires, and then faced the sustained impact of COVID-19. This caused considerable disruption to schooling, increased mental health concerns, and […]

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Day in the Life of a Trainer

5 August 2020

Have you ever wondered what a Youth Opportunities’ trainer’s day looked like? We asked our amazing trainer, Tarsh Turner, to capture what she did on Day 2 of delivering the Personal Leadership Program to young people from a school in the northern suburbs this term. No one day of training is the same – with […]

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Project Prosper

11 May 2020

Project Prosper Lead, Stephen Sverchek, gives us an update on our latest project and how it has been impacted by COVID-19. Stephen joined Youth Opportunities earlier in the year, after working as a program facilitator with a women’s development organisation. He has a background in rural development and health, living and working in Zambia, Africa […]

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Innovation in Action: Apprenticeship Program in Regional Australia Goes Digital

What is the Apprenticeship Pilot Program? Australia is facing a nationwide problem of apprentice retention due to several reasons, such as wellbeing and mental health issues, lack of personal leadership, and a clash in values between employees and organisations. Our rapidly changing world of work requires young people to not only have technical skills, but […]

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Youth Opportunities Team Update

1 February 2019

The new year has seen some changes and new appointments within the Youth Opportunities team and our Board, so let’s bring you up to date and make some introductions. New Appointments Rebecca (Bec) Adams Treasurer for the Board Last year, we welcomed Bec Adams to the Board as our new treasurer. With her accounting knowledge (she […]

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Your Invitation to Term 4 Graduations

22 November 2018

Join us for our final round of graduations for 2018 and help us celebrate the incredible achievements of our inspiring students graduating from this term’s Personal Leadership Programs. Please see below a full list of graduation times and locations. Should you wish to join us, simply drop us a RSVP at or call us on 8240 3133 with your […]

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Mental Health Week – 5 Day Challenge: Day 5 Personal Leadership

12 October 2018

P E R S O N A L  L E A D E R S H I P “Remind yourself, you’re in the driver’s seat of your own life!” At Youth Opportunities, we believe it’s your choice! Our founder Peter Marshman once said “You can hope the circumstances and situations will be right to make […]

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