Youth Opportunities trainer, Emma, reflects on our Activate Program tree climb challenge.

16 November 2023 / Schools, Students, Training

In week 8 we had the pleasure of taking the students in the Activate Program to TreeClimb Adelaide for their first excursion.

This excursion ties into one of our 4 Big Decisions of Deciding to Grow. Growth involves taking risks, overcoming obstacles and stepping outside your comfort zone. Tree climbing offers students the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone, especially if they have a fear of heights, challenge themselves to overcome each obstacle and at times take a calculated risk.

Each course was progressively more difficult, which enabled students to build up the courage to conquer the harder courses. Each obstacle required students to plan how they were going to attempt it, learn from their mistakes and challenge themselves to overcome their fears. This led the students to achieve their goals of completing the courses which in turn created a positive self-image as they were proud of themselves, sending stars to themselves and other students and stepping outside their comfort zone.

It was wonderful to see all the students taking on this challenge and proving to themselves that although they might face obstacles that can be hard, if they persevere and are well supported they can achieve great things.

Categories: Schools, Students, Training