In a world where access to education can be a defining factor in shaping one’s future, scholarships play a pivotal role in opening doors to opportunity. Youth Opportunities has partnered with The Adam Scott Foundation who understands this well, and in 2024, we proudly awarded scholarships to two remarkable Youth Opportunities’ graduates, Laticia and Tanaya, whose stories of resilience, passion, and dedication are truly inspiring.

Laticia’s journey began with sheer excitement and gratitude when she learned she was chosen as a recipient of the Adam Scott Foundation scholarship. With determination, she’s set her sights on pursuing a degree in psychology honours, driven by her desire to understand human behaviour and advocate for young people in marginalised communities. Her vision extends beyond academia; she aspires to create positive change in the world, whether through her own support company for young people or by lending her voice to important social issues. In her own words:

"I have been accepted into a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Flinders University. In addition, I want to do a Masters in either Social Work or Psychology. On completion of my degree, there are numerous options that I am considering - I'm looking at either starting my own support company focusing on young people and their needs; working in the Defence Force as a social worker; being an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community/women's rights/young people's voices to be heard; or I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up in politics!"

Through her involvement with Youth Opportunities, she’s embraced tools like daily affirmations and kindness, shaping her into a beacon of positivity and resilience.

"The top three Youth Opportunities tools I use daily in order to remain successful are: deciding to be happy - using daily affirmations and bringing consistent positivity in my life helps me grow as a person; sending stars, not only to myself but to other people - this has led to so many good conversations and connections; cat kicking avoider - which may sound interesting if you are unaware of the terminology, but in short terms when someone is upset with me or I have had a bad day, I am not going out of my way to take my emotions out on someone else. I have learnt to regulate my emotions and to keep my self-image positive by not taking people's words personally."

Tanaya’s reaction to receiving the scholarship mirrored Laticia’s; she was overwhelmed with gratitude and disbelief. For Tanaya, this scholarship is not just a financial boost but a validation of her passion for law and psychology. Her childhood experiences navigating the family court system fuelled her determination to pursue a double degree in these fields, with the goal of advocating for the rights of the vulnerable. Post-graduation, she envisions a career in a law firm specialising in children and family law, where she can make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Through her involvement with Youth Opportunities, Tanaya has learned essential skills like emotional intelligence and effective time management, setting her up for success in both academia and beyond. She credits the tools she learnt from the personal leadership program to help her achieve her goals:

"Youth Opportunities exposed me to many tools and concepts that changed my life completely. I believe my emotional intelligence has grown immensely. My top three consists of sending stars, organising my day into a planner, and setting realistic goals with a timeline to hold me accountable."

The stories of Laticia and Tanaya demonstrate the transformative power of personal leadership and the importance of scholarships in fostering opportunities for deserving young people. The Adam Scott Foundation’s commitment to providing life-changing opportunities for Australian children and youth is evident in their support for Laticia and Tanaya, whose dreams and aspirations are now within reach. As Tanaya recounts:

"Youth opportunities exposed me to many tools and concepts that changed my life completely. I believe my emotional intelligence had grown immensely."

As we celebrate the success of Laticia and Tanaya, let their stories serve as a reminder of the impact that generosity and support can have on shaping futures and creating positive change in the world. Congratulations to these deserving scholarship recipients, and may their journeys inspire many more to reach for the stars.