I personally really liked it (workshop) because it gave me a sense of wellbeing but also, I felt like I was listened to. I felt like the trainers really understand what we’re going through.

Graduate Workshop Participant

Youth Opportunities’ PROSPER Graduate Engagement Program sees graduates of the Elevate face-to-face Personal Leadership Program (currently SA only) stay connected with trainers for up to two years.

Making graduate engagement possible

In 2020 we launched Project Prosper to revitalise our graduate engagement service, implementing new resources and services over the next three years. This project is thanks to the support of the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation who matched support received from EDP Group, Australian Executor Trustee, Lang Foundation and Rali Foundation.

What is Project PROSPER?

Project PROSPER is bringing students to the centre of our graduate engagement to help us better understand how we can work together. Our graduates are our greatest source of information to reflect our practice based on their lived experience.

PROSPER focuses on improving our graduate engagement to better support our students in achieving their goals, by addressing some of the challenges that students face after they graduate. Students will be able to become PROSPER leaders, attend workshops, seminars and receive specialised mentoring and support.

Of the PROSPER graduates we engaged with in 2022…



learnt new skills that can help with further education and employment



improved on skills they learnt through Youth Opportunities



feel their contribution was valued and listened to during the co-design process for leaders

Calling all Youth Opportunities Grads! Stay connected with Youth Opportunities.

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Graduate resources

Become a PROPSER Leader (currently SA only)

A PROSPER Leader is a graduate that takes on a central role in the development of Project Prosper. They work with leaders from other schools to help design and facilitate our new workshops for graduates of our Personal Leadership Program. They play a huge part in helping their fellow students to reach their goals and to develop helpful habits post-program.

Email tarsh.turner@youthopps.com.au for more information.

Attend an Event

Youth Opportunities runs Graduate Engagement events designed to connect you with other graduates, learn new skills, and continue to build on the skills and tools learnt in the program. Click here to see our events page to see if there are any graduate events coming up.

Attend a Workshop

Youth Opportunities is running a series of workshops designed to reinforce and extend the principles and concepts learnt in the program. Each workshop will cover a specific topic from the program and even include practical one off sessions designed to help you apply for Uni or design and build job resumes and practise interview skills. Click here to see our events page to see if there are any upcoming graduate events.

Schedule a Call

Not sure which Uni course to apply for? Want to apply for a scholarship? Forgot what IGAP stands for? Connect with a trainer and get some one-on-one coaching today! Our trainers are here to help and do everything they can to make sure you succeed.

Schedule a call, email tarsh.turner@youthopps.com.au

4 Big Decisions

Content Refresher

Decide to be Happy

Decide to Set Goals

Decide to Grow

Decide to Send Stars

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