The IGAP Tool

20 March 2024 / Uncategorised

Goal planning involves breaking down a long-term goal into smaller steps. There are planning steps involved in our communication as well, such as negotiation skills and expressing opinions in a positive and assertive way. During the program, the students learn a 6-step communication tool that helps them develop negotiation skills and lead a conversation to a win-win outcome.

Students learn a 6-step communication tool called: IGAP

The “I’ve got a problem technique

Students learn about IGAP which allows them to take personal leadership of their communication and their actions without judging or blaming other people. This tool can help a young person:

  • express positive and negative ideas and feelings in an open, honest and direct way
  • recognise the ideas and beliefs they have whilst still respecting the ideas and beliefs of others.

Parents and caregivers might see this tool attempted at home, and it’s a tricky tool to grasp! We hope you can listen and give feedback where necessary until your child can effectively master this approach. If they are open to it, you may even ask them if you can read up on the technique in their Manual to support this further.

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