What is Personal Leadership

5 February 2024 / Uncategorised

Ultimately, we want to see students taking personal responsibility for their decisions and actions. This includes recognising that whilst there will always be things that they cannot control, for example, the actions of others, they can control how they respond to these situations. This is linked to the psychological concept of Locus of Control.

Those with an “internal locus of control” generally believe that their success or failure is a result of the effort and hard work they invest in their personal development. They believe that they are largely in control of their lives and their future outcomes.

Those with an “external locus of control” generally believe that their successes or failures result from external factors beyond their control, such as luck, fate, circumstance, or the actions of other people.

At Youth Opportunities the ‘internal locus of control’ is what personal leadership is all about. It’s such a strong focus in our programs because we know that when people can develop a more internal locus of control they reap many benefits: greater academic and work success; happier and better psychological wellbeing; increased motivation; better decision-making and stress management.

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