The Boat Analogy

27 February 2024 / Uncategorised

The Boat Analogy tool is used as a metaphor to show the students how it is to travel on a journey from one island (week 1) to another (graduation!). Having left one island, you can find yourself in unknown waters between the island you know, and the place you WANT to be.

Do you conquer the fear of the unknown to reach the place you want to be, or turn around and stay in the safety of what you know?

 What would a personal leader do?

The students have made the decision to grow and to make a change or reach a certain goal. After a couple weeks of trying out some new challenges, various obstacles to success appear and it becomes difficult to keep it up! Some of us feel like going back to our old ways or giving up on the change we want. Like anything worth doing, these obstacles make it hard to see the reward we are aiming for.

This boat analogy is a reminder to not give up. But instead, to stop and reflect on how we can overcome these obstacles and visualise the rewards. This process is true for anything we do that is out of our comfort zone.

The Boat Analogy is a way to motivate us to keep focused and give new energy to keep going.

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