What is Personal Leadership

5 February 2024

Ultimately, we want to see students taking personal responsibility for their decisions and actions. This includes recognising that whilst there will always be things that they cannot control, for example, the actions of others, they can control how they respond to these situations. This is linked to the psychological concept of Locus of Control. Those […]

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Journey to the Heart: Exploring Opportunities for Empowerment in Remote Australian Communities

18 December 2023

In August this year, several Youth Opportunities and Marshman Foundation staff members, Nicky, Tom, and Rebecca, were introduced by our partners at Coach Communications to Nyangatjatjara College and invited to visit the Northern Territory and explore potential opportunities for collaborative work in the remote communities there. This was an exciting opportunity that allowed us as […]

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A reflection from one of our 2023 Elevate Personal Leadership Program graduates

7 December 2023

The graduates of our Elevate programs have the opportunity to share their progress in the program with their peers, teachers, family and friends, and we’re excited to share one of these incredibly impactful reflections with you. Graduate, Term 3 2023 “I signed my name on the paper, unsure of what to expect. Twenty SACE points […]

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The Power of Reflection – a Trainer’s Experience

6 December 2023

Why is it important to reflect in our lives? Reflecting helps us to develop our skills and review their effectiveness, rather than just carry-on doing things as we have always done them. It is about questioning, in a positive way, what we do and why we do it, and then deciding whether there is a better, […]

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$872,000 raised at the 2023 Stars in the Garden

28 November 2023

Youth Opportunities’ annual Stars in the Garden event was another outstanding success this year, and we are absolutely delighted to announce a fundraising total of $872,000! This remarkable accomplishment is a true testament to the incredible synergy and support of our cherished village of sponsors, guests, and supporters. We owe immense gratitude to everyone who […]

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Winner Announcement: Stars in the Garden Lottery 2023

22 November 2023

Over the weekend, we held the annual Stars in the Garden luncheon in the garden of Melanie and Robert Champion de Crespigny. Keep an eye on our channels for more about this phenomenal afternoon in the coming days! As part of the fundraising on the day and in the lead up, with thanks to our […]

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15 alternatives to ‘How was your day?’

27 October 2023

Parents/caregivers, are you tired of the same old “How was your day?” with your teens? 🤔 Discover fresh, engaging ways to spark meaningful conversations here.

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Self-image and self-esteem same same but different?

26 September 2023

Have you ever wondered what the difference between self-image and self-esteem is and if they are somehow connected? Well, wonder no more! One of our wonderful Personal Leadership Program graduates, Bethany*, has unpacked the two concepts for you. Keep reading to find out why self-image is important to your mental health and what you can […]

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Q&A with a Mel, Community 360 Coordinator and Trainer

5 September 2023

Recently we chatted to Mel, one of our newest training team members. Read on to find out about the interesting work she’s done at Youth Opportunities so far: When did you start working at Youth Opportunities and why?   “I began Youth Opportunities in mid-May this year, and it has been a great whirlwind ever since.   What […]

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Witnessing the Impact of a Youth Opportunities Graduation

1 September 2023

“I feel like this program has made me become proud of who I am and proud of how far I have come. I believe I have achieved what I wanted out of this program and more. I feel like I am a lot more motivated person I feel like I have a really good work […]

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