Meet Youth Opportunities’ newest scholarship recipients

13 June 2023 / Schools, Training

Adam Scott Foundation empowering South Australian youth with scholarships. 

Youth Opportunities is pleased to announce the achievements of two outstanding students who have been awarded scholarships through the prestigious Adam Scott Foundation. Ivy, a graduate of Clare High School, and Finlay, a former Gawler & District College student, have been recognised for their exceptional potential and dedication to showing personal leadership and reaching their chosen fields of study. The two join 413 young people supported by Youth Opportunities scholarships program which has now distributed a million dollars in scholarships, including full University and TAFE scholarships.   

18-year-old Ivy can now see her dreams become a reality thanks to being the recipient of a university scholarship, allowing her to follow her passion to study a Bachelor of Business (Property).  

Whilst Ivy will look to follow in her father’s footsteps and work in property, she plans on forging her own path and starting her own business. “My father who passed away when I was little worked in property and made it a passion I want to follow. I just kept coming back to that was what I wanted to do after school”. 

The passing of Ivy’s father at a young age is just one of the barriers to Ivy’s success, with the Clare High School student moving from Clare to Adelaide during her final year of schooling. As she explains, “I moved from the country to the city in May of last year (2022) and did most of my Year 12 over Zoom and by myself”.  

Ivy credits the skills learned throughout the Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program as the reason for her success, and what helped her overcome adversity and keep motivated during Year 12. “Time blocking and the techniques I used during Youth Opportunities helped me to stay motivated”. 

“Youth Opportunities was a good place outside of school where my peers and I were able to get to know each other and connect with each other, understanding that we were going through similar things. It was a place I got to know more about myself. There were things like time blocking (a tool) that helped me focus at school. But the main thing it helped me with was my confidence, I applied for my first job and got it, and I got my license”. 

“I want to put my all efforts into my study and achieve high grades. I would love to graduate with a high GPA and get the most out of it. After university I plan on opening my own business and to do some travelling – I really want to go to Greece”. 

Contemporary Art Student, Finlay will use her scholarship to become an art teacher and mentor young people. 

Finlay, a creatively inspired university student and art buff now has the opportunity to use her passions, to inspire others to do the same, with her scholarship to study a Bachelor of Contemporary Art.  

Now 18, Finlay joined Youth Opportunities’ Personal Leadership Program at a time that she shares, “was the worst time in my life, it was indescribable, I had no purpose and lost passion for hobbies e.g. art, nature, and creative writing. Struggling with deep depression and isolation, the program was my ‘last hope’ after losing friends, and family. Life was that bad. I didn’t think I would be happy or here today”.  

Soon after commencing the program, Finlay’s eyes were opened as she started getting to know more people through ‘sending stars’ (a tool) and finding the confidence and drive to graduate as a personal leader. 

Art has become very important to Finlay as it helped to inspire her when she didn’t have the motivation and was a crucial element in finding herself during and after the program.  

“I was still lost at times during the personal leadership program, but if anything, it helped me identify that I was missing a positive light, that I needed to find my way back to art”. 

“My goal is to finish my bachelor’s degree and then honours, and then travel and work at an art school where I can be a mentor to younger people. I don’t think young people think they can do much with art and I know that without my primary school art teacher pushing me I wouldn’t be into arts right now! She is a big reason why I am pursuing art today.” 

The Adam Scott Foundation scholarships play a vital role in promoting educational excellence and nurturing future leaders in Australia. By investing in the potential of exceptional young people like Ivy and Finlay, the Foundation continues to shape a brighter future for those who need it the most. 

The full tertiary scholarships were open to SA high school graduates who have undertaken the Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program, are experiencing financial or other hardship, and who demonstrated a strong commitment to their education. 

This is the fifth year that prominent golfer, Adam Scott, originally from South Australia, has partnered with Youth Opportunities to offer full University Scholarships to Personal Leadership Program graduates. 

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