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Did you know Youth Opportunities have their own social enterprise?  

Introducing Generation Thrive, a profit-for-purpose business established in 2021, supporting personal leadership, enterprise, and wellbeing skill development for young adults and emerging leaders within the workplace, community and industry. 100% of profits are returned to Youth Opportunities Australia, to support its mission.  

Generation Thrive provides evidence-based online personal leadership and coaching programs ‘outside the school gates’, and is designed to activate potential, and create long-lasting habits and attitudes that support participants to thrive in life and work – driving individuals and businesses to success. Participants learn through an evidence based online platform, whilst supported by 1:1 coaching and facilitated group workshops to enhance social learning.  

Training in these skills is critical now more than ever, especially as the world of work is changing. The war for talent is strong, retention is difficult, and your emerging workforce is driven more by purpose, equality, and career development than ever before. Businesses are seeking ways to address these requirements, whilst also reducing the implications of a global pandemic, a retiring workforce, staff burnout, and increased skills shortages.  

In 2022 Generation Thrive has worked with the likes of Toyota, PhysioXtra, BMD Construction, Glenelg Football Club, Tatiara Truck & Trailers, amongst the vineyard Industry and Letcher Moroney Accountants, to build the workforce of the future.

You have the opportunity to equip your team with the skills that lead your business to success. 

Much like our partners already, the teachings from the course have already helped employees reap rewards creating more personal leaders in the workforce than before. As program partners have seen an increase in employee engagement, productivity, and retention by building a thriving team, made up of self-driven, adaptable, and confident leaders.

Generation Thrive’s impressive workplace outcomes from 2022

Build the workforce of the future.

The team at generation thrive pushes program participants to think beyond the technical skills and understand that in-demand ‘soft skills’ such as communication, critical thinking, time management, adaptability and collaboration are essential components that lead individuals and organisations to success. The program can be offered as part of your training and development efforts, succession planning with emerging leaders, within your induction process, or strategy for activating staff potential and optimising retention, engagement and productivity.  

A mentally healthy workplace is an environment where there are opportunities for teams to connect, be empowered with preventative tools and enjoy shared learning experiences.  

This is a belief supported by Wellbeing Australia stating, “research has consistently shown the positive correlation between employee wellbeing and productivity. For many organisations having a happy, motivated, and engaged workforce is no longer seen as a “nice to have” but a prerequisite for commercial success over the long term. However, whilst the “why” is well understood by business leaders, the “how” often proves more elusive.” 

While the evidence points to the benefits of investing in skill development, leadership and wellbeing programs, unfortunately, due to a lack of businesses currently utilising an intervention, the economic impact is immense. It is predicted that Australian businesses lose over $6.5 billion annually by failing to provide early intervention – an issue that is not just tied to one industry. 

Before Thrive, I would have a never-ending list of tasks in my head which I would think all needed to be done urgently. Now I have developed tools whereby I have scheduled time for my tasks, delegate work where I need too and utilise my breaks to revisit my list to ensure I stay on track.  

I have become much more aware of my communication style. In the hustle and bustle of work, it can become easy to forego positive communication, by not greeting someone or perhaps not giving feedback in the most positive and constructive sense. I have been able to make a more conscious effort in my communication and as a result has helped me improve relationships within the team” 

Robert – Engineering, BMD Construction 

I learnt how to increase my self-confidence, use assertive communication, create healthy boundaries, and have good time management and self-care strategies which enabled me to thrive in my new role as a sales manager. Being able to lead myself as a leader, enhanced my ability to lead others and stay motivated, even during difficult times

Kristy – Sales, Toyota 

Generation Thrive offers, Thrive@Life and Thrive@Work programs tailored to specific workplaces, teams or individuals nationally. Enquire now on the benefits to you – Call (08) 81046440 or email admin@generationthrive.com.au  

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