We’re pleased to be announced as the charity of choice for the upcoming Newday Summit. A conference like no other, Newday exists to create positive change in the world by inspiring, empowering, connecting and igniting action in both individuals and organisations, so they can ‘lead for the greater good’.

Not only are we the charity of choice for the Newday Summit, with Newday providing us with ten complimentary tickets to the event, providing our Personal Leadership Program graduates with the opportunity to attend this leadership event and network with inspiring individuals.

Newday recently featured us in a wonderful article, Changing Lives and Communities Through Personal Leadership. We’re excited to provide a follow-up blog article that explores how we can support the development of habit building to achieve goals as a personal leader.

So, whether you’re part of the Newday community, a Youth Opportunities supporter, or a lifelong learner, we hope you enjoy this short read.

At Youth Opportunities we love dreaming big, finding purpose, and identifying what excites you in life. It’s the starting point to create meaningful goals, to develop your own personal map, and to ignite the passion and perseverance to achieve them.

We embrace a growth mindset to help you step outside your comfort zone and take risks to become a lifelong learner. However, taking personal leadership for your decisions and habits can seem an impossible and daunting task at times. So, what makes this so hard?

There are literally hundreds of decisions we must make each day, too many for our conscious mind to process. But there is a solution…

We have a simple, yet powerful framework to help you compartmentalise these decisions and capitalise on the neurological patterns that occur naturally. This enables us to manage the masses of information that our brains are constantly receiving, filtering and categorising automatically.
So, how does this work? Our brains group similar things together. By doing so, they tend to attract even more similar things in the future. This is sometimes called ‘confirmation bias’. Conformation bias has attracted some negative attention, but it actually has a useful silver lining! We can use it to our advantage when we turn it into a tool to build our helpful habits.

So, we won’t leave you hanging any further…what is this mysterious framework you refer to? Well, we are glad you asked…

At Youth Opportunities personal leadership means making the 4 Big Decisions, which is the symbolic framework we use to compartmentalise decisions and habits:

Check out how they work in action in our Thrive 4 Big Decision Habits Video.

You can use the 4 Big Decisions individually, or as a team to filter your everyday decision making. By doing so, it often fast tracks your habit training, automatically helping you take charge with confidence to become a successful personal leader.

So, what are you waiting for? Make life easier for yourself (and others) and appoint the 4 Big Decisions as your key decision leaders!

If you, or a young person in your world wants to benefit from building personal leadership, find out more about Thrive@Life here!

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