Help us celebrate our 25th birthday!

Youth Opportunities turns 25 on Monday, September 5th, and we want you to celebrate with us! Please feel free to download our birthday social tiles and share them on your social media. If you send us some birthday wishes, please tag us – and you can even encourage your network to support us by donating $25 dollars for our 25th birthday.

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Youth Opportunities turns 25 today!

That is 25 years of helping more than 15,000 young Australians to remove barriers that hold them back from achieving their potential. Youth Opportunities are now equipping over 4,500 young people each year with the life skills needed for their future, as well as habits that help them build resilience and optimism.

They believe that all Australians should have the same opportunities to reach their goals and raise funds to ensure marginalised young people experiencing disadvantage or adversity can access their services at no cost. If you want to help them work towards their goal of contributing to a more equitable, fair, and thriving Australia, you can donate $25 for their 25th birthday here:

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