Erin Faehrmann

Chief Executive

Larry Waller

Head of Training/Child Safety

Kerin Hayden

Head of Fundraising & Marketing

Linda Jones

Head of Fundraising & Marketing

Joanne Swingler

Business Operations Manager

Natalie Munson

Management Accountant

Tamsin Simounds

Head of Social Enterprise

Tarsh Turner

Project Prosper Coordinator

Sacha Burkett

Grants Officer

Stephen Sverchek

Project Delivery Lead

Deanna Johnston

Training Services Coordinator

Courtney Grigg

Community and Business Development Lead

Renae Montaniero

Events & Sponsorship Manager

Nina Williams

Program Development & Quality Assurance Lead

Shelley Wright

Trainer & Coordinator

Tom Cleland

Senior Trainer & Coordinator

Nedge Sinanovski

Training Delivery Lead

Ben Nichols

Trainer & Coordinator

Mike Fitzgerald

Trainer & Coordinator

Stacey Freemantle

Marshman Foundation

Jeff Pagsanjan

Training Admin

Ali Prescott

Project 360 Coordinator

Elliot Bell


Madison Ashby

Business Support Officer

Kirsty McKie

Accounts & Payroll Officer

Paul Stoddard


Michelle Gilby

HR & Payroll Officer

Leanne Harms

Accounts & Payroll Officer

Carlee Fowles


Kelly Young


Tayla Jeffery

Fundraising & Communications Coordinator

Kodi Jackson

Marketing & Fundraising Support Officer

Chelsea Franks


Kate Keeler


Lauren Williams


Samara O’Toole


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