2020-2024 strategy

With the growing challenges facing young people, we must extend our services, and for our impact to remain world-class, we must be prepared to adapt the way we work. In 2019, as part of our strategic plan review, we gathered insights from young people, our school partners, our supporters in the community, our board and our staff. What we heard was a unified response – keep doing what you are doing, but do more of it, without losing the integrity and quality of your results. And so, over the next five years, our bold strategic plan has us focused on growing our impact, which is integrated into our Theory of Change model to ensure we remain focused on our goals and outcomes.

Theory of Change

Using our suite of measures and the global evidence base we continually test the assumptions around the short and long term impact of our programs and services. This is represented in our strategy and also aligns to our Theory of Change, which articulates how and why we create social change.

Our values

Our values are the touch-stone we turn to when we need to make tough decisions, big or small. And we are incredibly proud of our values firmly place young people at the heart of all that we do.

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