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Each year Youth Opportunities works with around 600 young people across South Australia. By applying what they learn through our Personal Leadership Program, young people are not only positively changing their own lives, they are also helping to influence those around them and bring about positive cultural change within their schools and the wider community. 

To date over 11,000 young people have benefited from our Personal Leadership Training and both internal and independent research shows immediate and long term impacts.

Personal Leadership Program Results

Throughout our face-to-face Personal Leadership Program students provide information about themselves and complete a series of self-report wellbeing questionnaires and measures at the beginning, middle and end of the program.

SACE Grades

Students eligible to receive 10 SACE points based on their fulfilment of key criteria: 661

Career and Education Goals

Students report if they have a career goal and their plans for education in their future.


of students reported having higher confidence.


feel they have the skills to achieve their goals.


felt their self-esteem had improved.


reported better relationships with their families


of students reported having an increase in happiness.

Measure of Wellbeing

Youth Opportunities tracks the progress of every student using the EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Wellbeing. EPOCH measures five identifies constructs that support positive wellbeing in adolescents.

Students’ EPOCH Scores Percentage Change Start and End of Program

Start and End EPOCH Scores by Construct

Measure of Psychological Distress

The Kessler-10 (K10) measures general levels of distress, anxiety and depression. The K10 is a valid and reliable measure, used globally.

Percentage of students by category of risk start and end of the program

“Her communication with the family has improved. She has a positive outlook on the future and not getting distracted at school.” – Parent

“Youth Opportunities changed my life. I’m happier and I feel more connected to people now.” – Lucy, Graduate 2014

“Youth Opportunities has helped me to challenge my negative self-talk and see a positive future for myself.” – 2017 Graduate