Opportunity to build the Personal Leadership of your Sports Club

Working in partnerships with sports clubs, we deliver our Thrive @ Life program to build the personal leadership of players to perform at their best both on and off the field.

Delivered online over 8 or 16 weeks, and coupled with one-on-one coaching and peer mentoring, participants gain skills in goal planning, problem-solving and critical thinking, collaboration, positive communication, and leadership.

Our program will help your players take positive control of their lives and gain the skills, tools, and confidence needed to help them thrive in the game, and in life.

Thrive @ Life Personal Leadership Overview for Sports Clubs

8 or 16 weeks

An 8 or 16 week program that gets your players certified as a personal leader – acquiring in-demand skills such as critical and creative thinking, positive communication, teamwork, digital literacy, and learning habits and attitudes to improve performance.


Over the program, we suggest players allow up to 2 to 3 hours per week (depending on the program running for 8 or 16 weeks) to make the best use of the online platform’s eight modules. This program is self-paced so you can fit it around your team’s work and sports commitments!


The program modules are 100% online, which means all participants need is access to a laptop or computer. As an added bonus, your players will access 8 group sessions where they will hear from some sporting legends, learning how being a personal leader has helped them build a successful life.

1:1 Coaching

We understand that your players will have goals that are personal to them, so our coach will work with them to help build the habits and skills to achieve them as they take part in 4 x 30 minute private coaching sessions.

Why invest in Personal Leadership

Our Thrive @ Life online Personal Leadership Program for Sports Clubs is designed for clubs that want to help their players perform at their best.

Through weekly online self-guided assignments, and fortnightly one-to-one coaching and group sessions over Zoom, participants will have the opportunity to explore key areas of interest and tailor coaching discussions relevant to achieving their goals.

The Thrive @ Life Personal Leadership Program is a world-class program underpinned by a range of psychological theories, including cognitive-behaviour approaches, motivation, social learning theory, and positive psychology. It is also backed by Youth Opportunities’ success in delivering evidence-based programs and services to more than 14,000 teenagers and young adults over the past 24 years.

Leadership development is one of the pillars that will not only help us deliver sustained on-field performance, but is also critical to support the personal development of our players. We’re driven to provide our team with the best quality development opportunities available to support them to be the best they can be. This program comes highly recommended to us and also provides a great foundation to the work we are doing with Lorraine Caruso and the University of Adelaide throughout 2021.

Justin Scripps, CEO, Glenelg Football Club

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