The Results

Each year Youth Opportunities works with around 600 young people across South Australia. By applying what they learn through our Personal Leadership Program, young people are not only positively changing their own lives, they are also helping to influence those around them and bring about positive cultural change within their schools and the wider community.

To date over 10,000 young people have benefited from our Personal Leadership Training and both internal and independent research shows immediate and long term impacts.

Personal Leadership Program Results

Throughout our face-to-face Personal Leadership Program students provide information about themselves and complete a series of self-report wellbeing questionnaires and measures at the beginning, middle and end of the program.


  • Increased student retention
  • Improved grades
  • Better relationships with teachers
  • Better communication with peers
  • Improved school culture

“The students have gained a greater focus and a more mature approach to their schooling. This has been noticed in their commitment to work and I have noticed an overall difference to the students’ wellbeing.”

– Teacher, Salisbury High School


  • 89% showed an increase in communication
  • Increased awareness of the importance of further education
  • Increased confidence to pursue goals beyond school
  • Enhanced social and communication skills
  • Improved motivation for school community activities
  • Clearer future goals and direction
  • Greater self-esteem and emotional resilience

“I have changed my mindset, trained my thoughts and worked on my priorities. I’m now aware of how my actions and words can affect others and how other people affect me and my aura.”

– Woodville Student, 2012


  • Improved family relationships
  • 80% of families are having less arguments
  • 92% of families say their young person has improved their communication
  • 96% of parents and teachers say their young person communicates more positively
  • Increased parent awareness in child’s education

“My daughter is communicating more and thinking about what she wants to change. She has increased her confidence and improved her willingness to try something different and step out of her comfort zone.”

– Parent, Craigmore High School

For every $1 invested in the Program, $7.99 is created in value to the community. In 2014 we saw a benefit in excess of $9.5 million returned to the community.


Youth Opportunities conducts both internal and independent studies to determine both the immediate and long term impact of our Programs. Here a few of our most recent reports and studies

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