Working With

Youth Opportunities' Role

  • liaise with school-based coordinator about student selection, progress, scheduling and follow up
  • oversee program delivery based on model offered
  • provide caregivers with a program overview to help them understand and support their young person
  • ensure students have access to adequate support
  • arrange and conduct Program Graduation
  • follow up students on a need basis up to two years following the program
  • provide concept delivery and professional development training to program trainers.

The School's Role

  • provide a school-based coordinator to liaise with Youth Opportunities
  • allocate training days in timetable
  • support students and teachers to put program concepts into practice
  • promote within the school community.

Delivery Models

To accommodate for individual school requirements and locations we offer three different delivery methods.


2x Youth Opportunities Trainers

18 students per program

Schools within 150km of Adelaide CBD


1x Youth Opportunities Trainer
1x School or Community Licence Trainer

18 students per program

Schools within 150km of Adelaide CBD


2x School or Community Licence Trainers (Trained by Youth Opportunities)

18 students per program

Schools outside 150km from Adelaide CBD

Personal Leadership Program Content

Each day of the program is carefully designed to guide the student on the journey of self-improvement.

Our Reach

See where we run our program throughout the state of South Australia. In 2016 we graduated 544 students in 38 programs across 19 schools.

Our Trainers

Our trainers come from a variety of different professional backgrounds, many with experience in secondary teaching, psychology, social or youth work.

Trainers undertake an extensive recruitment and training process and have ongoing weekly professional development which exceeds 150 hours per year.

Not only do our trainers receive support in their skills at delivering the program but they actually participate in the program themselves enabling them to personalise the theories and better understand the journey of a young person in the Personal Leadership Program.

Professional and personal development includes internal and external training that aligns with our program concepts. This includes:

  • Facilitation methods
  • Positive psychology
  • Mental health first aid training
  • Suicide risk training
  • Gender and sexual identity

Other Services

As well as the 10 Week Personal Leadership Program, there are other ways that Youth Opportunities can support your school.


SACE/Personal Learning Plan

Youth Opportunities is a DECD accredited provider of SACE points and the Personal Learning Plan.


Graduate Follow up Program

Year 11 and 12 is a critical time for our graduates. We want to ensure they continue on their path of success so we provide support through:

  • annual seminars and forums
  • student ambassador initiatives
  • need based mentoring
  • sponsorship in community events and activities
  • goal based incentive initiatives


Teacher Training

Creating cultural change with in a school is not just about educating the students. Youth Opportunities provides personal development opportunities and courses to teachers so they can develop a better understanding of the program and concepts for both professional application and personal growth.

By providing an alternative learning model within a school setting, the Personal Leadership Program builds the capabilities of teaching staff to support young people. This has led to an increase in staff skills, improved staff and student relationships and increased student retention.