India’s Journey with Youth Opportunities

11 February 2022 / Schools, Supporters

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India’s Journey with Youth Opportunities

India began her Youth Opportunities journey in 2017, when she became aware of the Personal Leadership Program through her high school and was accepted into the course. Coming from the small town of Millicent, India couldn’t easily afford the move to Adelaide for university, and the scholarship opportunities that graduates of the program were eligible for was a great advantage for India and those in a similar position.

Now, five years on, she is a confident, independent student of a double degree of Law and Criminology. India shared the benefits of the Personal Leadership Program that she did years ago and how it shaped her future:

“Youth Opportunities helped me choose my career path, as well as awarded me a laptop in Year 12 through their scholarship awards program. This program is especially beneficial to those who are struggling, in their school life, career direction, or just life in general.”

India was able to move down to Adelaide for her studies, after getting a job in administration. She is planning on becoming a criminal lawyer once she has completed her degree.

Like many students, India found that organisation and planning were two valuable things she learned from her Personal Leadership Program:

“Being prepared allows you to set goals to achieve, whether this is a weekly to-do list or a 5-year plan. This will give you perspective and enthusiasm to work toward your main goals, whilst also providing actionable steps on how to get there.”

When asked about her most memorable Youth Opportunities experience, India told us about the opportunity to attend the Newday Leadership Summit in 2021, an event that inspires leadership for the greater good. She further expressed her encouragement to those unsure about applying for the Personal Leadership Program – “there is nothing you can lose, only things to gain!”

India’s favourite thing about her journey with Youth Opportunities was that it was more than a once-off program that she completed in Year 10. Instead, she found that the volunteer work and educational experiences offered post-completion were some of the most beneficial to her personal growth.

“I believe it is a great opportunity that should definitely be seized by young people, especially those who are in need of support and guidance.”

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