Mental Health Week – 5 Day Challenge: Day 3 Communication

S E L F  T A L K

Otherwise known as your ‘inner voice’.

Positive Self Talk makes you feel good about yourself and the things that are going on in your life. It’s like having an optimistic voice in your head that always looks on the bright side. Examples: ‘I am doing the best I can’

Negative self-talk which makes you feel pretty crappy about yourself and the things that are going on. It can put a downer on anything, even something good. ‘Nothing’s ever going to get better.’ So, how can you make your self-talk work for you?

+ Listen to what you’re saying to yourself

  • Is your self-talk mostly positive or negative?
  • Each day, make notes on what you’re thinking

+ Challenge your self-talk

  • Is there any actual evidence for what I’m thinking?
  • What would I say if a friend were in a similar situation?
  • Can I do anything to change what I’m feeling bad about?

+ Change your self-talk

  • Make a list of the positive things about yourself
  • Instead of saying ‘I’ll never be able to do this’, try: ‘Is there anything I can do that will help me do this?’

About our Mental Health Week 5 day Challenge

During Mental Health Week we are asking our social media friends to join us for a 5-day Challenge!

We will be focusing on a few keys areas and sharing lots of tips to help you overcome challenges and be the best version of yourself. Including Sleep Hygiene, Healthy Habits, Communication, Stress Management and everyday Wellbeing.

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Our goal is to focus on mental health and wellbeing and help you implement some of these things in your own lives and #TakeCareOfYOself!

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