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31 August 2021 / Supporters

Badge Constructions is a valued corporate partner of Youth Opportunities, contributing financially but also through their young professionals program, Club 25, who volunteer at significant fundraising events. We recently caught up with Danica Trimboli, Marketing Communications Manager for Badge Constructions, to talk about their connection to our cause.

How did Badge Constructions connect with the cause at Youth Opportunities?
The South Australian philanthropic community is very connected, and it was here that our Managing Director Jim Whiting came to know Peter Marshman, Youth Opportunities’ founder. There are many young people employed within the construction industry, and as the largest South Australian privately-owned builder, there was a logical connection between supporting any young person on their journey to adulthood and assist in increasing their employment opportunity. At BADGE, we have Club 25 – a national group for all of our personnel under the age of 25 to connect, receive mentoring and training in all areas of the business. They specifically have been volunteering with Youth Opportunities and being closer in age to those in the program, they are able to better relate to the challenges of ‘finding your place’ in the world as a young person.

What inspired Badge Constructions to come and join us as a corporate partner?
Being able to structure our support to Youth Opportunities makes for a rewarding relationship where we can regularly and consistently engage with the organisation and the cause.

Why does Badge Constructions value supporting a SA charity?
As a national company of South Australian origin, it’s always important that each office of our business can engage with their own local network of community organisations. The South Australian office has been supporting local charities since its inception in 1983 in many different ways, formalised in 2018 with the creation of our own Foundation. Having SA personnel sit on the committee of the Foundation to decide these charitable partnerships increases the engagement of our people with these local groups.

What are some of the ways Badge Constructions supports community organisations?
Since the company was formed in 1983 by the Whiting family, their personal philanthropic and community drive was a key element of their business style. As they grew the company, this drive became a part of daily operations. Nearly 40 years later and with over 300 personnel, whether through the business or an individual activity, BADGE is always ready to throw corporate support behind a community organisation its people are passionate about. Now formalised through the BADGE Foundation, those donations are coupled with volunteering or fundraising events for our people, their families and our subcontractors/suppliers to get involved with; staff can apply for matched donations for their own personal fundraising; our business is able to look more holistically at philanthropic opportunity within the state in helping to build and grow communities and opportunity.

Do you have any words of advice for the young people going through our Personal Leadership Program right now?
“If, during your program, you think you may want to explore the construction industry as a career give us a ring!” Jim Whiting, Managing Director

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