Scholarships Update

Our graduates have already learnt the skills to be personal leaders, developed the confidence to put themselves out in the world and acquired the skills to overcome issues at home and at school. But sometimes there are still barriers to learning and achieving, obstacles they may not have the capacity to overcome due to financial circumstances.

To keep our graduates on the path to success last year, Youth Opportunities launched an exciting new initiative last year – our Scholarships program – to further support graduates with the skills, tools or services to reach their career or study goals. All scholarship recipients are YO graduates facing financial or social difficulties, who have succeeded in embracing the principles and practices of our program, and can show talent, aptitude or real commitment to a certain education or career pathway.

Scholarships – awarded from our volunteer Scholarship Committee – are up to $1,000 and include academic tutoring, financial support or career guidance. Recent awards have been a varied mix, including laptops, printers, software and text books; tutoring in maths methods, biology and psychology; art supplies and performing arts apparatus; and career guidance in financial services, business, aged care and hospitality. Donors can follow how their beneficiary is progressing, with students aware who their supporter is, backing them to help fulfil their potential.

We’re pleased to say we have awarded 53 scholarships so far to students from across 11 SA schools – 27 last year and 26 in 2018. This includes four ‘renewal’ scholarships recently – to last year’s recipients who have shown continued effort, promise and progress toward achieving their goal, together with a financial need.

Although less than a year old, the success of the Scholarships program has been a great achievement for all concerned and we are delighted to see so many young people supported in their study or career ambitions. Many thanks to the Eureka Group, Graham Hobbs, The Kain Foundation, Peter Marshman, Wes and Sue Seja and The Wyatt Trust for their commitment and support to the Scholarships program. We’ll keep you updated on future awards and, should you wish to learn more, please let us know.

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