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6 September 2022 / Team

At Youth Opportunities, in line with our strategy to “Build Our Reach”, we have been furthering our services to reach even more young people, we have been excited to welcome several new staff members to our team over the past few months.

We’d love to introduce you to some of them – we think they’re pretty cool. So, we spoke to some of our newest staff members to hear a bit about them and see what they’ve taken away from their first few months at Youth Opportunities.

Today, you’ll be meeting:

Krissy – started August 2022.

Pasha – started June 2022

Mel – started June 2022

Paul – started July 2022

Alison – started June 2022

Tayla – started April 2022

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Krissy: Giraffe – I feel like we see the same perspective.

Mel: I would like to be a sloth….chill and calm, unfazed by the chaos….. the opposite of me, AKA – hot mess.

Alison: An eagle so I can soar amongst the clouds.

Pasha: Dolphin. I have a strong connection to the ocean. Dolphins are social creatures; they like to have fun; they appear to be very happy & chill, and they love to surf the waves!

Paul: A meerkat because of their friendly nature and their strong sense of family.

Tayla: I would be an Otter, because I took a ‘which animal are you’ quiz, and because I’m cute and friendly like an Otter!

What prompted you to apply at Youth Opportunities?

Krissy: A passion to be a part of true change.

Mel: Seeing the amazing work we do with young people, I wanted to be a part of the reason a young person walks taller with love and confidence within themself.

Alison: Both of my children went through the program and I loved the confidence they gained from it. I wanted to be a part of that

Pasha: I read the job description and instantly I felt drawn to the role. Everything we do and stand for as an organisation aligns directly with my personal values.

Paul: To make a difference in the way young people are able to find and make the most of opportunities.

Tayla: The people! I knew Linda (Head of Marketing) through networking, and she has always been so lovely and talked about YO with such joy and excitement.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Krissy: The reward of being a part of a positive culture.

Mel: Working with and supporting young people and laughing with them.

Alison: Watching the young people gain confidence and believe in themselves.

Pasha: Knowing that I am actually making a positive difference in people’s lives every time I step into the training room.

Paul: Being surrounded by a passionate team who continually strive to give their best.

Tayla: The feeling of being a part of changing lives! Sometimes you forget that what you are doing is making a difference, and then you go to a graduation or hear students speak at events and you are reminded of how powerful our programs and services can be.

How has a young person impacted your life?

Krissy: The stories from young people I have heard in the past four weeks have inspired and motivated me.

Mel: Knowing who they are and who they want to be, and showing strength and kindness beyond their years

Alison: My two children, my oldest has pushed through his severe mental health issues and is such a caring, loving, and smart human being. My youngest, his confidence and drive to succeed are amazing to watch.

Pasha: There is a young person in my group who has lived and breathed the concepts and tools from day 1. Their growth journey has been immense and I can see it in their eyes that they want such an incredible future and will do everything they can to achieve it. It humbles me and makes me extremely proud.

Paul: I once worked with a young man who was confined to a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy. He had such a positive outlook on life despite finding it difficult to speak, feed, and walk. I often think about him and how he made me feel when he exuded such positivity through this warm smile and giggles.

Tayla: In the work we do, they are a constant reminder that they are our future and with a little bit of a hand up we can take a step towards ensuring that it is an equitable and bright future for all.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Krissy: Stars to you all for welcoming me to the team.

Mel: Never in a million years would have ever expected to find myself here, but loving every minute.

Alison: Always remember to smile as it makes people feel good!

Paul: My Rolos

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