Blog Post from Head of Training Larry Waller

January 2021

Youth Opportunities’ Training Team is back in the swing of things and developing exciting new products and services, as well as preparing for the year of training ahead. What is really clear within our organisation is that we don’t work in siloes, and we collaborate across departments using the skills, knowledge and experience of all our team. If we took one lesson from 2020, and the response to COVID-19, it was our ability to pivot quickly, listen to each other’s views across the organisation, and work more effectively together. Over the last few weeks, we have seen ideas blossom for new approaches to delivery, governance in decision-making move swiftly, marketing and web content being produced, and being very customer centric.

What a great team! A team focused on our mission to improve young people’s wellbeing, enterprise skills and resilience. Every day in my work, I see our staff putting the needs of the young people we serve at the centre of their decision-making and this makes me so proud.

In Term 1 we are delivering programs across South Australia, including metropolitan Adelaide, the South East, on the Yorkes and Eyre Peninsula and in the Clare Valley. We will engage with over 180 new students, and over 300 graduates through our post-program services.

In addition to working with schools this year, we are also continuing our work with apprenticeship providers in South Australia to offer our Personal Leadership Program in a new and exciting space. By working with industry partners, we are able to positively influence the attrition rates of apprentices, empowering young people in the workplace to have a voice, and enhance both employability and enterprise skills.

None of this would have been possible without the support of you, our loyal community supporters who believe in a world where all young people have opportunities to be their best. I look forward to updating you on how our ventures are going this year, and the difference you are making to young people’s lives.

Larry Waller
Head of Training

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