Meet the Team – Kodi

21 March 2022 / Schools, Supporters, Training

How long have you been working at Youth Opportunities?

I have been working at Youth Opps since June 2021! Still feels like I just started. Time flies.

What does the best day at working at Youth Opportunities look like for you?

A great day at work for me is one with lots of meetings, time to talk to my team/friends in the office, and hopefully get to make some documents look pretty! I also always enjoy getting to visit schools to see a graduation, or the program in action.

The BEST day for me so far has been working at our Stars in the Garden fundraiser last year! I absolutely adore the event-day energy.

What have you learnt from one of our graduates?

As a young person myself, the program graduates I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to have simply inspired me. I was them just a couple of years ago, and they are all pushing for such great things – for themselves, their families, their friends, and the world. I’ve been driven to reassess and replan my path to my own goals because of it!

Additionally, I have been lucky to befriend a YO graduate in my day-to-day life, and this one young person has genuinely inspired me with their vivacity and drive, and has taught me the importance of sending stars in all situations – demonstrating just how easy it is to do!

What do you wish you at 15 knew now after experiencing the YO program?

I’ll be honest – 15 wasn’t all that many years ago for me!

I do wish I had known that it was the ideal time to build good habits and hold onto skills and qualities I wanted to have as an adult. I also wish I had taken the opportunity to be curious, ask questions, explore so many more different things! Thankfully, I’ve been making time to do all those things now.

Which of our Personal Leadership tools do you use most in your own life?

I refer to the Locus of Control all the time, both within myself and to help friends and family. I love knowing that I am what makes things happen in my life, and I get to decide how I feel and respond to things I can’t control! I am constantly sharing this idea with the people around me, too.

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