Mental Health Week – 5 Day Challenge: Day 1 Sweet Slumber

This week is Mental Health Week – and we are asking our social media friends to join us for a 5-day Challenge!

We will be focusing on a few keys areas and sharing lots of tips to help you overcome challenges and be the best version of yourself. Including Sleep Hygiene, Healthy Habits, Communication, Stress Management and everyday Wellbeing.

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Ouur goal is to focus on mental health and wellbeing and help you implement some of these things in your own lives and #TakeCareOfYOself!

S W E E T  S L U M B E R

Today we are talking Sleep Hygiene! Have you implemented a Night Time Routine?

Sleep your way to a better you! Studies show sleep deprivation affects, mood (irritability), feeling drowsy during the day, increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes to name a few.

Here are some helpful tips:

+ Go to bed early – ideally around 10pm to ensure you sleep between 7-8 hours per night

+ Switch off technology / Put your phone down 2 hours before bed

+ Read a book

+ Take a bath and unwind from the day

+ Charge your phone outside your room so you’re not tempted or distracted

+ Drink chamomile tea (this is proven to help you relax)

+ Practice calming activities – meditation, breathing, stretching

+ Journal – write down all the things going through your head and clear your mind

+ Diffuse calming essential oils like Lavender

Try to implement one of the above tips or add more to your existing routine!

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