On The Path To Success … Jadzia Starts University After Scholarship Win

23 April 2019 / Schools, Students

“I will be the first in my family to attend University, and because of the Youth Opportunities program I feel much better prepared for the work that is needed to also complete my degree.”

Thankfully, the journey for Jadzia Munday to complete her University aspirations has been made easier after winning a scholarship, thanks to the Adam Scott Foundation and their partnership with Youth Opportunities. The full tertiary scholarship was open to all Youth Opportunities graduates from across SA who were experiencing financial or other hardship, but demonstrated a strong commitment to their education.

Now after her first month at university, Jadzia has already shown she has the commitment and dedication to pursue her dream of completing a double degree in Archaeology and Environmental Science, with the goal of one day achieving her PhD in Archaeology – and earning the title of Dr Munday.

But goals like this do not come without sacrifice and stress for Jadzia. Each day she must travel two hours morning and afternoon, on two different buses, just to reach her lectures at the Flinders University. She then returns home to help care for her four younger siblings, and works part time to bring in an additional income for university and her family.

“During high school, my study time was often impacted as I was responsible for caring for my four siblings under the age of 14. But I always believed that education was important, and that I was capable of achieving my goals if I set my mind to it. Through the help of the teachers at my school, and through completing the Youth Opportunities program, I became more motivated to complete my work, and developed important skills, such as time management. I would often complete my work throughout recess and lunch at school, instead of spending the time with friends, as it was difficult for me to do so at home.”

Today Jadzia still uses the skills she gained through her Youth Opportunities training to help her manage her time, using her long bus rides to and from University to get some extra study done.

“Now that I am at University the learning I gained from Youth Opportunities are even more important as this type of study is so much more self-led than at school. The need to goal plan to ensure I am able to complete my assignments on time, to be focused in my studies to stay on top of my assignments and to communicate effectively with my lecturers if I have a problem really is essential.”

“I got the call from Youth Opportunities to tell me I had won the scholarship when I was on the bus with my dad travelling to a university information session at Flinders Uni. I was nodding at him and giving him the thumbs up trying to let him know that I had been successful, he was so happy he even did a happy dance on the bus”, says Jadzia.

“Youth Opportunities equips teenagers with practical skills and positive psychology to help them succeed. Sometimes students have limited access to financial resources, difficult home circumstances or responsibilities that prevent them from achieving. We hope this scholarship will enable Jadzia the opportunity to overcome barriers and pursue her career debt-free”, said Youth Opportunities CEO Peter Carey.

“With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to focus my time on achieving my education, rather than the financing of my education”, said Jadzia.

Adam Scott Foundation General Manager Geoff Hall said: “We value the work of Youth Opportunites and can see how their graduates are more confident, motivated and eager to achieve, and we want to help them make the next step. Jadzia was an exemplary candidate and showed an unwavering commitment to her education and passion of Archaeology. We are honoured to be able to help her in her next stage of learning.”

For Jadzia, it’s only the beginning: “Thanks to this scholarship, I am one step closer to achieving my lifelong goal of becoming Dr. Jadzia Munday.”

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